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Mick Fanning

x4labs is a key part to my confidence right nowÖ girls are very impressed with my results:)

Dallas Jefferies

This stuff really works. Iím almost a full two inches bigger and Im lasting longer when I have sex!


Excellent product! I wear my extender on a day to day basis whilst at work. Although Iíve only been wearing the extender for 5 months Iíve seem some excellent results. My advice if you actually want to see results is stop reading and actually get stuck in with making it happen. Good luck to all and thank you again for sharing.


by far the best penis enlarger. iíve had no luck with penis pills so i tried out this X4labs and iím getting some really good gains now. iíve had great help and iím actually seeing results. seriously amazed!!!

James Mullinger

It just grows and grows. The device clearly works but I'm not sure I want it to continue. There's only so much a woman can take and I'm wary of getting addicted to the growth.


At Christmas I got a $1000 bonus. I bought some new clothes and also bought the X4labs extender. I had tried the exercises before and the pills but the results were so slow. In 2 months with X4labs I had gone from my erect penis length at 4.5" to 6". A massive increase, I needed.


I'm really happy with this penis extender, its easy to use and comes with loads of extras. The exercises are great for when I don't have time to us the extender. The only bad side is that its a little pricey.


Great device, does exactly what it says on the tin. Iím currently using X4labs with exercises to give myself a healthier penis. I can feel the difference and Iíve only been using it 3 weeks. Iím hanging lower and stronger erections. Very satisfied customer!!


I was really skeptical about penis enhancement until I heard about X4labs, I decided to give it a go and in 8 weeks I stretched my penis by 2cm and I'm still using it every week. I love it.


Who says natural enlargement doesn't work? I've gone from 6" to 7" in just 6 weeks. Well worth the money, I'm going to try and stretch my penis another inch.


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