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SizePro System ReviewThe male enhancement market today is a glut of several products including pills, powders, potions and packages. But the penis enhancement traction device that is manufactured by the X4Labs is certainly one that anyone contemplating on safe enhancement option can count on.

There are several millions that have used the X4Labs extenders traction device and they testimony that it's the male enhancement product they have ever stumbled upon. Take a close look at those valid reasons that puts the X4Labs device as one of the best in the male enhancement products niche: Safety is an important attribute when it comes to acceptance of such products and X4Labs device is an extremely safe traction device.

Approval By Medical Fraternity

X4labs System

Several medical experts endorse X4Labs independently as a product that delivers results. The device is medically accepted and not a cheap ripped off cheap garage product. This penis device is manufactured and distributed by X4Labs, a Canadian health equipment company. This extender is a genuine, high quality product and not a scam. Indeed the company manufactured it in an FDA approved lab so you can stay assured of the material used as well as the technology used to produce it.

X4Labs indeed took efforts with respect to lot of research before they came up with the end product, X4Labs device. Their research focused basically on safety as well as bio-compliance of the materials used in producing the device. The device is made up of superior quality medical-grade materials. And, the company that manufactures the device, X4Labs is a reputed Canadian firm that engages prudently picked professionals and experts for their research and development. The company is known in the medical circles especially urologists as reputable one for medical devices.

These expert scientists include team of medical professionals as well who researched in and out of the male enhancement prospects and conceived the idea of a device that can safely but surely enhance the penis. The principle used is traction and it is well approved by doctors and surgeons as one of the safest methods. X4Labs device is indeed recommended by urologists as part of their respective treatments across the world.

Several doctors as well as hospitals consider it for various treatment modalities and recommend the device for several therapies including correction of small penis condition, Peyronie's disease and prostate problems as well. There are rave reviews about the products across several sites done unsolicited by real users so indeed you know the results it gives are factual and not cooked.

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How Does The X4 Lab Device Works?

X4Labs device acts mainly as a traction device and it comes with a rounded base and it is enveloped around the penile shaft. The look of the device is further improvised with supporting side hinges on either side from the base extending along the entire shaft length.

The head of the penis is placed upon a molded saddle and it is at the end of the end of hinges, in fact joining the two sides. The inch-wide silicone strap gently hugs the body of penis and any one can wear this irrespective of circumcised or not.

The head of the device is restrained by a loop. However, the uniqueness of the X4 Lab device is the comfort it gives to the wearer, implying a person can wear the device for desired length of time without having to experience any discomfort whatsoever. This also ensures quicker results.

As to how the traction is transcended with the device and how it can help enhance the penis size, it is quite simple. As you see the anatomy behind penile erection, penis is comprised of spongy tissue, and as the blood flows into the tissues through arteries it causes the tissue to expand resulting in erection on applying.

The device will apply some kind of strain as long as its worn and it pulls the penis per se so there is more empty spaces inside the tissues which are first filled by blood, but slowly with more blood supply the cells become invigorated and start multiplying and result in more cell mass or tissue. Furthermore, the cavities inside penis gets enlarged, gets more filled up with blood, resulting in thicker erection.

This principle is called traction. To put it into a layperson's terms, the X4Labs device when worn applies some pressure on the penis, causing it to lengthen further while stimulating the natural cell regeneration phenomenon inside the penis.

This stimulation improves the girth of the penis while extending the length through the constant pressure or traction of the device. The comfort it offers to wearers make it even more a pleasant experience. Furthermore, as its made of materials like silicone and rubber, its quite discreet and one can wear it during working hours as well and traction starts working as soon as a person wears it and it fits into any person's lifestyle.

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What Can Anyone Expect With X4Labs Device

How much would be the increase in penis size with X4Labs device? X4Labs Extenders manufacturers are so confident that the user will experience an increase of up to additional 3 inches and also up to 1 inch in girth or diameter.

The results achieved with the device are permanent and long lasting even if one no longer uses the device. The device also corrects the penile curvature up to 70% and even this is a permanent effect of using the device.

Our own research on reliable resources as well as the feedbacks received through emails show that the users were very happy and impressed on obtaining the desired results. Achieving permanent penis gain from 2 to 3 inches permanently is common. Customer support is excellent.

X4Labs Device + Penile Exercise Program = Results Perfecto

X4Labs System (Gold Premium) includes a comprehensive package of exercises as well for achieving overall improved penile health. The exercise program package has about 30 exercises which when done in conjunction with the traction device give fantastic results.

The X4Labs device while it is the safest and natural penis enhancer and offers as good results as surgery without having to go under knives and scalpels, greater penile growth is achieved through the comprehensive exercise program, Kegel and Jelq to name a few. 

The X4Labs device incorporates the science of medical traction and is designed to ensure comfort so anyone can wear the device for prolonged periods of time without having to experience any distress but only excellent results!

The exercise system has been tailor made to work with the traction device of the X4Labs and each of these exercises are to be practiced along with the device and it is a part of the entire program to a person will get not alone the length and girth advantage but also make them permanent and overall healthy outcome that comes along with the program. The device and exercise program also mean that one has the chance to speed up the enlargement process.

Moreover you will receive exclusive 2 Better Sex DVD Collection. It consists of over 40 different sex positions that is designed to improve your sexual performance and teaches you to satisfy your partner.

Value-Added Offer

There is no doubt that X4Labs system will give you desirous results; but the company wants to thank you in their own way for making this informed decision. They wanted to give more so you are benefited. They are overwhelming you with $50 X4 Labs Gift Certificate.

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Customer Support You Can Always Look For

The products from X4Labs are indeed very popular and preferred solution of penis enlargement for two reasons; if one is for the guaranteed results the second reason is for the customer support it offers.

With its effective and safe product it works wonders to correct penile dysfunction correcting the size and curvature issues and improving overall penile health. It's also the several customer reviews that have actually made the total package from X4Labs one of the most popular and best selling.

Customers reported that X4Labs has excellent customer service and it is their always-ready-to-help attitude that makes a customer amazed. They are more than willing to offer shipping of products to your doorstep discreetly upon booking and any time you ring or ping them with a query, they are there with a solution to change your life towards better.

The instant access to the company through online support as well as toll-free call center numbers brings it close to customer. The staff there is more than willing to help people individually and answer all questions personally 24/7. 

X4labs System

Nothing To Lose With Money Back Guarantee

You might wonder why you have to try the X4Labs Extender device when there are 10s of 100s of products in the male enhancement market! But, is there a product offering same results with a money back refund?

There is an absolutely unconditional money-back refund offer with the device. Unconditional means- without a question asked and no annoying forms to fill out you are refunded the money within 6 months if for the reason you feel that it did not give you desired results.

There are some companies that do offer guarantee, but none as much as 6 months guarantee period. This implies one thing the manufacturers are so sure of the product and its effects. So go ahead and buy the product. At least you have got to nothing to lose!

What We Say? Our Honest Words

We were pleasantly surprised by the largely positive feedback on the Internet from most of the buyers of this device.

These are the rewards mainly commented upon:

  • Ease of use

  • Marked increase in dimension

  • No discomfort

  • Greater sexual accomplishment

  • More potent orgasms

It must be brought to your attention that there have been quite a few consumers, who, for various reasons, were not so thrilled, but the vast majority of users are pleased and this proofs that X4Labs is simply an extender not to be missed. 

Just follow the advice given and do not be unrealistic when anticipating the possible outcome. Over an extended period of time you will see all your expectations from this sensible investment turn into reality. If you want the best results out of your enlargement, get X4Labs System, you will not be disappointed.

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