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Iíve heard good things about this device, but unfortunately I already owned a size genetics for about a month nowÖand I loved it. I donít think I need a different extender for that matter. However, Iím looking into getting either Penomet or Bathmate. Yeah, I know once youíre in to PE, it is something addicted especially if you are doing it rightÖ.


I got my ultimate stretcher through the post last week. I was quite surprised how quickly it was shipped to the UK. Discrete packaging, the delivery guy didnít have a clue what was inside. Iím hoping to spend a few hours a day with it and see what happens.


this is a good extender. I use it myself, only half inch growth so far but i have only been using it for 1.5 months for 4 hours a day. Dont really get any slippage using just the silicone tube gripper, it would be nice if there way a way to use the wider strap and the tube at the same time though


Just awesome. For years I used a pump which worked for a couple of hours but this ultimate stretcher extender really does the business. I attach it and wear it for a couple of hours a day. 

Now after 2 months i've gone from 6.5" to 7. Half an inch may not sound like much but its definitely noticeable. 

Great extender, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking naturally enlarge their penis.


Iím gonna try this one. I have no prior experience using a device, but been doing penis exercises for almost a year now, although it is not consistentÖ still Iím getting results. Iíve read a report that extender do work.


The extender is a bit strange at first, i'm not used to having something attached to my penis. 

Anyway, I've been wearing it for 3 hours a day for 6 weeks now and my penis looks longer and much thicker. I also feel so much more confident and happy, I love it!


I was just reading various threads at pegym and mattersofsize and found recommendations for ultimate stretch. Iím getting one next week when I get back home from travel. Looks like this thing can be easily carry along while traveling. Iím doing jelqing on regular basis even at hotels where I stayed. Of course, I make sure everything and every time it is private.


Delivery was really fast, I got mine 2 days afer ordering. This is my first time using an extender and doing any PE. It was easy to put together but getting it on the first time was tricky. Now i've done it a few times it takes seconds to get it on and in place. I usually wear it for about 2 - 3 hours on an evening. Sometimes i'll take it to work, put it on in the bathroom and just sit with it on under my desk. It's really easy to use.


Iím sort of skeptical, but Iím interested. I guess the only way to know is try it in real life. Iíve been doing sporadic jelqing for almost year now and seen some results in terms of erection quality improvement and desensitization.


Overall I'm happy with this, it set me back over $300 but its worth it if it works. In about 2 months I've stretched my penis by about 2cm, I'm hoping to get bigger and bigger. I feel great right now writing this review.


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