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Been using this for about 1 month now. The comfort pads and things you get with it are great, I use a foam pad and the non slip pad. 

I've noticed more than anything that i'm feeling more confident now, I leave the house more and go out when I can. 

I'm going to continue using this for as long as I need to. It's really cool.


I've owned a penis pump for many years, it works but not for longer. I wanted something that would enlargement my penis for good. I started researching online and came across extender devices. Sizegenetics looked like the best one so I went for it. 

4 months later my sex drive has increased, I get morning wood like I used to and i'm 4cm longer in length. Its brilliant.

Mike Hardy

Guys if youíre the one who hides his piece in the showers you need to try Size Genetics, the baest penis enlarger in the market. Itís easy to use, simple to understand and does a simply superb job howís an inch in six months? I donít think I could have done better!

Ted Brown

After years of disappointing women with the size of my penis I finally decided to take the plunge and use an extender; this one Size Genetics is by far the best one I have tried and really is doing the business. Iíve been using it for over six months now and have gained at least an inch how good is that?

Andy Jones

Size Genetics is a superb penis enlarger that I simply have to tell you about for one reason, and one reason only it actually works! There is nothing else like this on the market, and believe me Iíve tried them all this is the best, the only penis enlarger that you will ever need!

Terry Charles

It wasnít so much the size of my penis that bothered me but the shame of anyone else seeing it; I was always the butt of jokes in the school showers and now this! Since Iíve tried Size Genetics by far the best penis enlarger I have ever come across I have renewed confidence; Iím the one laughing now!


Expecting mine in a couple of weeks. Donít have the fund, right now but itís coming. And, donít worry guysÖ itís not something I borrow money with, itís really in my plans ��


sizegenetics is working well for me, the device is a bit difficult to get on a first but once its on, it just sits there comfortably. I really recommend it to guys like me who want to get bigger.

Harry Albright

If, like me, you were the butt of jokes in the menís showers at school you should try Size Genetics. This brilliant penis enlarger has renewed my confidence and given me an extra inch and more in no time at all. It really is the best penis extender on the market today.

Kevin Majors

Iíve always been the guy who was a little on the short size when it came to bedroom performance well not anymore, because I started using Size Genetics, the best penis extender you will ever find, and in just half a year Iíve gained a full inch. How cool is that?


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