Tips To Create Your Own Sex Tape

You can spice to your sexual life by capturing your lovemaking scenes, with your partner. It might sound strange, but if your partner agrees then it will be quite interesting. It is not as easy, as it sounds to be as you need to be an expert in capturing the best video. You need to take your partner into confidence, as not many agree to this.

You can spend your leisure time, watching the video. You can certainly talk to her about your experience and things that you could do to make it perfect. It certainly gets you closer to your partner and strengthens your sexual performance. With some knowledge and research you can surely film your very first video.

Loyal partner

You cannot trust anyone to participate with you in a sex tape. Don’t take a risk of capturing a casual one night stand experience, as you hardly know the other person. The fun game instead might end up into a stressful act. You are always exposed to the risk of been blackmailed, which can impact your normal life.

Choose a partner, with whom you are comfortable and trust. Discuss with her as to how you both will use the tape and other privacy issue. This will ensure better protection and assurance that no one will misuse the personal moments.

Set up the scene

The newspaper scattered on the floor or the dirty sheets might ruin the quality of the recording. Take time to create a romantic love nest wearing sexy lingerie, nice sheets, dim lights or candles. You can also add sex toys or props for more fun. Play some light music and make it is as appealing as possible. It is your video film, after all.

Set the camera

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When you are making a home movie, then you can own a lightweight and good quality camera. It is good enough to record all your private moments. Avoid using webcams, because it is attached to your computer. Nonetheless, if you are going to film a lovemaking scene, then consider the positions and place where you will be performing the act.

Make sure that it is completely charged and ready on the tripod for a wide angle. Set the lighting and if your camera does not have infrared night mode, you will have to keep the lights on.

Preparation before performance

You are a pro in bed but looking at the 3 LCD screen will surely make you feel nervous and self-conscious. So, it is best to take a hot shower and groom yourself. Make sure that any hair bordering the south is clean. Try to make things a little more viewer-friendly. A glass of your favorite wine will also be helpful. Thus before moving in your bedroom the performance anxiety will be lessened and you will get comfortable, while videotaping.

Share point of view

Switching the angles of the cameras is similar to switching sex positions. It is rather tempting to be the voyeur (photographer) but give her a chance to shoot you. Give her an opportunity to select the scenes she desires to see in your film starring both of you.

Otherwise, it will seem like you are filming a headless stranger straddling your girl. Seeing both of you in the scenes will bring you close and she will not feel embarrassed on review. Even if the sex tape you produced does not look as expected, it is worth because it will make you giggle a lot.

Erase it

A sex tape is not to be stored. The right thing is view it and erase after enjoying viewing it. You will surely have fun in producing a masterpiece of intimate moments and view it again and again.