Tips For Enjoying Morning Sex

It is well known that men have a tendency to obtain contentment in morning sex, whereas women desire night-time action. Morning sex enjoyed by males is due to the night-time erections in the male. This condition is termed as nocturnal penile tumescence. It is not erectile dysfunction, but typically occurs 3 to 4 times in the night.

Waking up untimely with an erection calls for early morning action. Start your day with brilliant lovemaking. Disappointingly, your lady may not be in the mood, but if you move towards her appropriately, she will swiftly join you in the morning rendezvous.

Be prepared

Remember to lighten yourself from the body fluids before going to bed at night. Otherwise, it can kill your mood trying to hold the urge of visiting the bathroom, when you have moved on. In addition, brush your teeth at night and have some dissolvable mints by your bedside. Thus, on waking up you can pop it or else bad breath can spoil your sexual experience. Having condoms near the bed is wise for you surely do not desire to hunt the room for them.

Set an alarm

Waking up early for the little action is important because both of you have to go to work. Therefore, make certain you set an alarm a little early, so that you can awaken her in response to your soft moves. Don’t forget, that you may be ready, but she will take some time to get warmed up and going.

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Wake her soothingly

No lady would like being greeted by an erect penis shaking in front of her face as soon as her eyes open. Therefore, take it easy and move ahead touching her slowly and softly. Kiss her tenderly everywhere and move your fingers sensuously in her hair. This aesthetic approach will surely awaken her positively and in a loving mood, all ready to join you in a mind-blowing morning sex.

Sexy talk

Early in the morning may bring an awareness of disheveled hair, lines on her face or a bit of bad breath. So, she may shy away because she does not feel sexy. Therefore, talk to her convincingly, telling her that she is beautiful, even though she is a little messy. Ignore her tousled body and convey to her how desperately you desire her.

Suppose, you find it tricky to keep your face straight telling her how sizzling she looks early in the morning then change your position and spoon her from behind. Talking to her from the rear will appear romantic and sensual, as well as allow you to avert the torture of morning breath easily.

Benefits of morning sex

Getting active at the break of the day is an excellent way to begin your day. The good hormones oxytocins get liberated and make you feel bonded. You are ready to face the hassles of the day, easily. Having morning sex at times can spice up your sexual session. Furthermore, it strengthens the immune system. You are less susceptible to catch the flu or cold and additionally the risk of heart disease are lessened.