Thrilling And Chilling Summer Sex Experience

Summer is an ideal time to charge your relationship. Beautiful sunset, alfresco dinner and clean sky full of stars is perfect scenario to re-connect, explore and spend memorable time together. This is an ultimate moment of the year to have sex in the open. However, convincing your lady to participate in your fantasy of an alfresco sex may take some persuasive words on your part.

You can start by giving hints or signals about your dream of summer loving. Just talk about how great you feel to be with her or about the animalistic things you desire to do with her in an isolated location. Just let your imaginations go wild and describe a couple of set-ups for her to think over.

At night on the beach or roof

In summer, people just prance around in very less clothes, presenting a buffet of flesh. A tan makes the body look great. Rubbing sunscreen on one another is drop-dead sexy. However, during the day you can enjoy lazing around as the warm and humid climate may slow you down. Nevertheless, at night under the stars with the sound of the waves rushing can give your session a rhythm as you ride your lady. Both can truly take pleasure in this languid lovemaking. Don’t forget to place a towel or a rug beneath her body as the grit can hurt her back. Love making under the stars on your house roof can also be an excellent location. It is massively flattering, getting naked in the open as well as terribly decadent.

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In the ocean water

In water, our body is weightless. Your body floats in the water along with your mood. You must have experienced having libido in a bath or under the shower, but sex in the beach water can be quite exciting. The jet of water that flows around your penis and her clitoris as you thrust inside her is a heavenly feeling, which reaches its peak as she rides you with her feet around your waist. It just appears as if you are kissing each other to the people on the beach, but actually you are unified under the water. Make sure that you lubricate your sex organs before entering the water to enjoy your love session.

In the garden

Our libido ascends, when we are outside. Watering is necessary in summer. You can get her wet accidentally, so that her white tank top or sleeveless shirt clings alluringly to her body. This strong visual scene will drive you crazy, but be modest and lead yourself to a location behind some bushes or a tree. With her back supporting the tree, you can go for a quickie without undressing.

Enjoy a chilly thrill in the house

Fill a spray bottle with ice water and give one another a deliberate squirt to lengthen the encounter, every time things appear to get too hot. To activate a more passionate and joyful reaction, aim for the thin-skinned areas on one another’s body. These nerve packed areas are the back-side of the neck, nipples, inner thighs and tailbone. The cooling sensation turns out to be more distinct with every thrust and it feels mind-boggling on erogenous precinct.