Buddies Brag About Sex – Can Create Havoc

Friends are the best the support system for every person and there are times when you might have taken sex tips from them. Teenagers learn more sex and girlfriends from their buddies, as they don’t have to feel shy about anything. Unfortunately, sex tips got from pals who have no much knowledge about sexual act can wreck your blooming relationship.

Buddies too rely on dudes, who claim to have had a good sexual experience but in reality they are just bragging about it. Plenty of such locker room stories are not valued, but still bonds in the sexual consciousness of every man. Some things bragged by friends is incorrect including:

They compare penis size with sex ability

According to men, big penis means better sex. However, it is a fact that size does not matter much. Women can be pleased in many other ways besides penetration. Reports show that just 25% women climax during penetrative sex. This does not signify that 75% men have tiny and unsatisfying penis, but it denotes that some females find it difficult to orgasm during intercourse. It also means that majority of females cum during foreplay that occurs even before your penis touches her vagina.

They were down on her for two hours

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When a guy becomes conscious that his girl is going to allow him to penetrate then every second that leads to this desired ultimate act, creates passionate intimacy. Actually, it is untrue. Several male think that doing cunninglus on her is something that has to be done to lubricate her sufficiently to handle male’s imposing member. This is also false.

Foreplay according to her is part of an overall sexual experience. Therefore instead of pacing through to get to the penetrative part maintain your control, so as to tune accurately with her. In this manner both of you can please each other. Always remember that when it comes to climax females are not a hit and quit game like men are. So, start foreplay first and she will surely be impressed.

They boast about their long erections

Guys, women never desire a male that penetrates her continuously for several hours. Her genital region has several delicate tissues that can get sore. Furthermore, even her body generates limited lubricants. It does not mean that ladies do not admire sexual performances that last for some hours.

For a woman kissing, caressing, and pampering part are as important as the penetration is, on order to get stimulated. This adds an extra boost to their arousal level. If you prolong the foreplay then you will be totally taken back and experience an intense sexual experience. It will be worthwhile for both of you.

Why buddies brag?

Your friends are new to sex and want to act superior like ‘the know everything’ type fellow. They brag because they are desperate to grow up and this is the only topic that can make them feel adult. They just desire for attention but all the time you can feel them acting immature and stupid. They swank about their sexual experience, but never talk about the results that can ruin their lives. Therefore, always make sure that you talk honestly and frankly with someone elder. You can thus determine the truth about sex and sexuality.

Artistic Way To Enjoy Phone Sex

Phone sex is a fantastic alternative to enjoy with your lover, when you are in a remote location. You cannot be physically intimate, so a little aural sex on the phone can often help to keep things spicy. This is also regarded to be fun for those couples, who stay miles apart.

Phone sex means effective talking that escorts your lady to orgasm. ‘Your Voice’ is the only tool you have. There will be no touching, tasting or smelling, so you will have to talk non-stop. Voice technique will be the foreplay and the intercourse. Fortunately, women react positively to words relying on the way they are voiced. Discover how to have phone sex with dirty talk that offers you woman complete sexual satisfaction.

  • Allot time – Make sure that both of you have time for this aural performance. You just cannot try squeezing it in for 5 minutes. It is a sensual act and needs time to enjoy it, so have a private and relaxing surroundings before you lead.
  • Relax her – Just don’t jump into dirty talk straight away. Ease her by being inquisitive with how was her day. Slowly build up the saucy factor that is switch the innocent conversation into a sexy talk.
  • Set the mood – Ask her what she is wearing. Furthermore, add that you want to take off the dress and kiss every inch of her body. You are missing the touch of her skin and craving for her taste. These questions must be asked subsequently as she will get a clue that you are in the mood.
  • Guide her to undress – Once the scene is set and she is in a mood, your next move will be to undress her. You can tell her to remove the garments by following your lead. As your voice guides her hands, tell her to caress her breasts, stomach, clitoris, thighs and describe how you feel about it.
  • Voice tone – Your voice must reflect as if you are kissing and caressing her body but in reality it is her hands that are doing the work. When you take control of the situation verbally, she will feel less awkward and flow with you. The tone is vital, so talk in an intimate, deep and tempting voice. Make it sound as if you would like to do anything just to touch her.

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  • Prod her memory – Remind her of the hot stuffs you did previously. Focus on those things that she did to drive you wild and add that how you would respond now, if she was currently with you. Phone sex is an artistic way of storytelling, so be detailed and creative. Talk about her and add her into that story.
  • Sound effects – Make noise as much as you like because the sound effects are significant. Breathing heavily, moaning and panting can convey your thrill and excitement. She will love to hear it and will also be helpful for her to reach orgasm.
  • Near to climax – Convey to her that you are close to climax, which can give her a sign that can tip her to the border and heighten her stimulating level.
  • Finish together – Actually both should orgasm together but if you ejaculate before her continue to arouse her with dirty talk. Don’t hang up but talk intimately or remain silent and listen to one another’s breathing.

All About Enjoying Aqua Sex

Having sex in water is not as easy as diving in the sea and swimming. However, water sex is dangerous for several reasons. Sex underwater is not a good thought, especially for females. Before you get wild and wet under the water surface play safe:

Safety measures

Sex in water is slimy and fun, but you will still have to take sex precautions. If you think of using a condom then get familiar that condom and water are enemies. With a little research you will come to know that Chlorine and hot water are likely to damage the condom, so don’t rely on this protective covering.

Another issue is that there is a cent percent chance of condom slipping off. It can be exhibited floating on the water, which will create a lot of embarrassment for everyone nearby. The best solution is to put on the condom, before you enter the water thus the water will not enter it and thus reduce slipperiness.

Furthermore, during intercourse keep your erection firm in the water because if your member gets flaccid then water gets into it. Keep your movements mild and gentle because the sex activity can push water inside the condom. Keep some backup condoms because you never know when the water can find its way in.

Stay lubricated

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People believe that aqua sex offers extra wetness, but that’s not so. On the other hand, water sweeps away the entire natural lubrication of her vagina. Even if she makes use of water based lubricant, it is cleared away. The lack of wetness can cause extra friction and discomfort for your girl and can break open your condom.

For avoiding this use a silicone based lubricant to keep things slimy. This lube is insoluble in water and does not get washed away. It remains smooth and silky making penetration easy for you. Now, you have taken care of safety and lubes and all set for an aqua sex.

There are many places to enjoy water sex.

Bathtub – Making love in the bathtub is difficult, when compared to a swimming pool. It is a small place and uncomfortable. Therefore, oral stimulation and missionary position are not easy in a bathtub. However, fingering and doggie-style position are very much recommended. It is a cozy place to have an intimate foreplay activity like kissing and caressing.

Shower – This is a great location for enjoying standing sex under the shower without any possibility of excess water entering your X-zones. Buy some anti-slip floor stickers because you do not want any sliding accident in the bathroom. Also have a bar installed for support for backside action.

Beach-water – Salt is not compatible with her vagina, so stimulate her manually. The most evil part of having sex in the ocean or lake is the sand. Even though you take extra precaution, sand gets lodged in undesired places. So, it is better to begin the action in the water, but then move ahead to the big blanket to complete your deed. Be sure that you both have potent footing and the waves are not strong. Remember that libido in public places, if caught can land you in jail or you will be charged a penalty.

Acts That Frighten Her In Bed

Sex is an incredible experience once you get into a good line with somebody, but at times it is uncomfortable, detached and odd. When you jump in bed with a new and unknown female, you should remember certain things and this avoids a confusing start with the lady. So as to avoid freaking her out, consider a few guiding principles before coming up with strange, unanticipated or completely upsetting acts like these.

Evaluate her comfort zone – The very first thing that can scare the woman in bed will be asking her to perform something, she has not experienced before. Measure her confidence level, before you request a new idea she is unused to. Therefore, before incorporating the new concept, it is better to recognize her comfort region and understanding of that subject. Just ask her, if she had tried this act before, which will not frighten her before getting started.

Unanticipated backdoor act – Several females get turned on with the concept of anal stimulation but some find it sickening. Therefore, get to recognize the kind of girl you are in bed with, but before that do not get anywhere near her ass. Startling anal penetration can surely scare her. Some women become rigid even if you generally get close to that area touching with your tongue, fingers or toys. Therefore, monitor her body language, before trying anything anal.

Advanced sex toys – The latest battery powered handcuffs and sex toy collection is your routine sexual supporters, but the new partner is not aware of it and she has not yet checked your toy box. Therefore, do not whip these out like a juggler, when she is in bed with you. Most of the women may handle a blindfold or a simple vibrator, but if the prop collection includes ropes, whips, shackles and butt plugs then ease her before you pull out. Your level of sex stuff may include electro-torture, prostate milking sticks or speculums, but keep them well-hidden or she will just turn cold with your fetishes.

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Control dirty talk – A little dirty talk can be tolerated in the bedroom. Nevertheless, in excitement many undesired words can slip from your tongue, if you are not careful. Actions are not the only thing that can frighten her, but even words are capable to scare her. Suppose you began talking about your fantasy and suddenly your voice switches to a villain kind of intensity. You push in a lot of psycho details and the fantasy takes a gloomy turn and she leaves making some excuse.

Rough sex – You may be perfectly okay squeezing her neck with your hands. This thing needs to be discussed in advance that it is a thing that triggers you. Choking her surprisingly during sex can genuinely startle her. You may be the kind that enjoys rough and violent role playing sex, but talk about these preferences with her ahead of time to avoid panicking her.

You never know

Bear in mind that each woman is different. Whatever experience you had with one girl will differ with the other. What had frightened one lady in bed can make another girl all hot and keen. Therefore, you will always be unaware of the kind of reaction you will have to face from women to a certain fetish, kink or strange practices. However, you will have to request her first.

4 Intimate Sex Positions For Emotional Connection

Sex must be steamy, sweaty and sticky. In addition, there should be elements of intensity and obsession. The moment must be wild and frenzy together with uncontrolled thrill and intimacy. In an established relationship lovemaking becomes cyclic. It leaves you both satisfied and you find it comfortable, but that is natural.

Nevertheless, to keep your sex drive enhanced, sometimes you have to take a break from the routine and attempt something new meaning venture away from the traditional missionary position.

Some sex positions elevate the closeness between the partners. It also encourages a high level of emotional connection and permits both of you to achieve intensified orgasm.

Here are four sex positions to enhance your emotional connections.

  • Entwined legs – Both of you lie on your sides facing one another with out-stretched legs. In this way you can embrace, caress and kiss her easily. She straightens her legs and places it over your legs then bends it a little. This position resembles the entwined vine. You can penetrate her, grasping her hips. Your penis presses against her sensitive parts around the vaginal wall creating a distinct sensation. You can pull her and let her go a bit. She will rock in and out of your penis.
  • Sexy squeeze – Let her lie on her back and point her hips and legs upwards. You are in a kneeling position and she places her legs on your shoulder. Now, you can enter her easily. Once you penetrate her relax and place your hands besides her sides. Next lower your body and rest on her as you thrust in and out. Your body weight should be balanced by your arms and not crush her. This position allows you to be close to her and you can kiss her passionately to enhance your intimacy. She is in a submissive position and you can feel a sense of dominance. When you lean on her legs, the angle of penetration improves and you can target the G-spot accurately.

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  • Lover’s hold – This is a powerful intimate position and can be easily switched to, if sexy squeeze becomes too crushing for either of you. For switching from sexy squeeze to this position just lift yourself and sit on your heels. Caress her thighs, clitoris and breasts with your hands for some time to get her relaxed from the stress of squeezing. As she is still lying on her back lean down and have her legs placed on your shoulder. Now, raise her hips a little to penetrate her. This varied angle will help you penetrate more deeply and offer pleasurable sensations.
  • Lotus position – You sit crossing your legs, while she sits facing you on your lap. She then wraps her legs around you. Both of you can wrap your arms around one another for support. You can slowly thrust her and both of you can rock in rhythm as well as caress, kiss and maintain eye contact for emotional intimacy.

In this way, you can blend your physical connections with emotional connections to enhance your intimacy.

How To Become Sex God From Being A Boyfriend?

If you are aware of how to get a girl reach their orgasm very easily and quickly then only you can be considered to be an ultimate lover. If you have no idea about this then you are at a very big disadvantage. Mainly for any guy who is not quite skilled in sex or having a relationship where the sex life is at stale then turning on his partner is the one of the most vital aspect of each and every sexual encounter.

Take the help of the 5 tips, which are mentioned below, and satisfy your girl to the fullest.

You need to focus on her demands:

When any guys tries to please their girl, their male egos comes in between and it sometimes ruins whole sex experience for both of them. Having satisfying sex is not only for you. You need to give her a mind blowing, body rocking orgasm again and again. To do so, the first thing that you have to do is to make her scream and moan. You need to stop thinking about the size of the penis and pay attention on her.

Make her relax:

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It has been scientifically proven that a couple can also have a great sex when both of them are completely relaxed and stress free. Do not be much concerned about lasting for longer time because many women might get self conscious about lasting long which makes end up faking an orgasm.

You can not force to bring orgasms and the fact is that the more you pressurise her to have orgasm the more chances you loose for it to happen. So make sure you and your partner are relaxed while having sex. Generally, for a woman, it takes minimum 15 to 30 minutes to reach orgasm so try to take thing slow and steady.

Fingering or licking her is also important:

For most of the women they achieve orgasm with the stimulation of their clitoris. The location of the clitoris is just above the vagina and it only become visible when the skin is gently pulled back. Now in order to stimulate the clitoris you need to use some kind of lubricant such as cream or your saliva on your finger so that you get a tranquil moving surface.

Now start with rubbing her clitoris very slowly, just a light touch. Now when she starts moaning you should be speeding up the movement of your finger. You can also use your tongue instead of the finger.

Stimulation of the g spot:

G spot is a very tough area to locate as because you cannot see that from outside. To locate the g spot, make your girl lie down on her back, then insert the index finger of yours insider her vagina. Your palm should be facing upwards, then move your finger to couple of inches inside her, if you find a rough patch then you have locates the g spot. It gives most intense orgasm so you have to be prepared for lot of noises.

How Partners Can Rebuild Their Trust When One Is A Sex Addict?

In any relationship, the main thing which holds a relation last long filled with more happy moments is trust. Partners need to trust each completely and they should say honestly whatever the matter is. When someone is sex addict, he or she should confess it to his or her partners with the utter truth else the betrayal might lead to some extreme conclusion.

For any partners in a relationship one of the most traumatic things that could possible happen to their life is betrayal. When a person betrays his or her partner on being a sex addiction then the trust towards that person erases completely which in turn result to myriad of emotions. When something like this happens the other partner loses complete faith and they cannot ignore or forget about the future betrayals and thus their anxiety gets overwhelmed.

If the partner is betrayed once because she did not knew or did not understood that she was staying with sexually addicted spouse then it is for sure that she will end up being hurt. Without trying to recover herself from that pain she will start wondering what might be next, and what more she had to deal with that she does not know yet. This will make her more intense about the situation and will start collecting the pieces of the puzzle and she will think about whether she still wants to hang on with you.

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As time will pass on, a sex addict will move into a deeper recovery stage but his partner will feel more suppressed and undermined emotionally that she can’t even stop doubting herself. Even is the partners hangs onto you irrespective of the outcome she might have to face still she will fear that you might let her down on being untruthful to her again.

If you are living with a sex addict then it is quite natural to feel that your relation is on the edge and it is going to end soon, but if your partner is being truthful to you with respect and fidelity then trusting him won’t be a bad idea. You need to trust your partner in order to regain that love and affection that you had for your mate. You need to be sincere and honest while confessing that you are recovering from being a sex addict.

So if you want to regain that trust from your partner that you used to have then all you need to do is to speak the truth. Being truthful to your partner will not only bring back that spark in your relationship but also will give your partner the confidence to live a happy life with you. At first, it might seem difficult for your partner to believe everything you say no matter how truthful you are being. Gradually with time your partner will start having faith in you and believing you. It is at that time when your relationship will rebuild.

For Better Sex You Need To Consume Nutrients

To have better sex you need to consume better fruits which are highly nutritious and full of proteins. You can only have a better stamina if you are healthy and strong. A weak body can perform weak sex but a strong fit body can perform better and also can last long in the bedroom. Let us see what to consume so as to enhance the female and male libido and what to avoid.

For male libido:

  • Watermelon contains citrulline which produces nitric oxide and increases the blood flow. Thus it enhances the male sexual libido.
  • Cherries help to clean the free radicals from the arteries which help to relax and increase the blood flow. If not cherry then one teaspoon of ginger twice a week will also work as a replacement.
  • Black tea, olive oil, and whole milk are great source to increase the production of the male testosterone. They are wildly used by the Chinese medicine so as to cure erectile dysfunction.
  • To increase the growth of nitric oxide you need flaxseed, just a bit of garlic, one cup a day of walnuts, handful a day of pistachios, nutmeg and handful of almonds twice a week. They are bona fide aphrodisiac and increases the erectile function and as well as the libido.
  • Add watermelon with seeds or 10 cherries without pits or thumb of ginger to your juice and have it before two hours before having sex to restore yourself from diminishing sexual performance or any unusual fatigue.

For female libido:

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  • Androsterone is the female hormone which regulates the sex drive of a woman and celery contains androsterone in high amount.
  • To stimulate the epithelial tissue all over the body you need carrot which contains vitamin A
  • Zinc which is found in dark green vegetables in great amount helps to increase the female libido
  • Pineapple contains rich amount of manganese, thus it is really important to consume pineapple to increase the production of vertigo.
  • To boost up the female energy and stamina you need to consume bananas and avocado.
  • To remove the stress away you need one egg each day.
  • To boost up the sex drive you need to have clove, dark chocolates and figs. They act as a true female aphrodisiac.
  • Mix 8 half peeled carrots, one cup pineapple without skin and 2 celery stalk. Have the juice two hour before having sex so as to add sexual stimulation.

Things you need to avoid:

If you want to have a happy and healthy sex life then you need to avoid consuming the following which are mentioned below:

  • Sugar reduces the sexual drive of the male by harming the testosterone level.
  • Trans-fat are harmful for both women and men because they harms the sexual function of the body. Canned foods, salt and soy are harmful too.
  • Alcohol may stimulate the sexual feelings but it reduces the sexual performance.

Five Things That You Never Knew About Female Sexuality

For those men who want to give incredible sexual pleasure to any women and a great lover as well they need to know the five secrets about the female sexuality. These secrets are very vital but if followed accurately then anyone can be the sex god to their women. Those secrets are mentioned below in detailed information:

Did you know that a woman loves sex?

It is really true that a woman too likes to have sex. There are many men out with a wrong misconception that women does not like to have sex and they does not gets turn on frequently. It is true that they do not get turn on as often as men but they too like to have great sex. Unlike any men, they want to have a real good sex else not.

You really don’t need to rub the clitoris of the women to get her orgasm

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It is true that in many sex advice tips rubbing the clitoris plays a vital role but it is also true that without rubbing the clitoris you can make her orgasm. Rubbing the clitoris works just fine but it is just a bonus additional point. What really matter is vaginal orgasm.

If you are able to give her the vaginal orgasm by either licking or fingering or both then you can satisfy your women completely. If you can bring her the orgasm by rubbing the G-spot, which is the most sensual and intense part of a women’s body, then you will be the sex god in front of your women’s eye. G-spot can’t be seen from outside since it is located inside the women’s body. You need to put your finger 2 inch inside and if you feel a rough patch then you have located the g-spot.

Did you know that women like to get dominated in bed?

Most women are sexually dragged by the masculine, manly, sexually confident and strong men. The reason behind this is that they are sexually dominant when it is about sex. To some extent, almost every woman, wants to be dominated by their man between the sheets. For those women, domination during sex makes them sexually liberated and opens up their naughty wildly side.

Did you know that most women are not much bothered about the size?

Almost every man gets really insecure with their penis size whereas the truth is women are not much interested about the size of the penis. All they really do care about is how the sex goes. They only look forward to have a great sexual pleasure and if you are able to provide it with whatever size you have got then you will be the sex god to her.

Did you know that you might be great in bed even though you don’t have lot of experience?

With good knowledge and right sexual belief you can give a woman the ultimate sexual pleasure that most men with great experience haven’t been able to do it. Have faith in yourself and be confident, that’s all it takes.

All That Really Matter Is Great Sex

It would be absolutely wrong to say that sex des not mean anything or doesn’t play any important role in our life or relationship. There are hundreds and thousands of circumstances where a woman left someone to get some sexual satisfaction. This has been the case when the man that she was with had no idea about what to do or what he were doing was all wrong.

If you have been one of those person who haven’t been able to satisfy your woman completely then you are right the right spot. In this article you will find plenty of information about how to seduce you women and rock her body with the ultimate sexual pleasure. What most women look for in their man is that he should be really good in intimacy and make her orgasm while they are having sex. So some of the tips regarding that are mentioned below:

Don’t be too much of hoopla or have male ego

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Ego is the last thing you need while having sex. Most of the men think that they are awesome when it about to sex. When some women talks about that they been with some guy who had been really bad at it, it never strikes that that guy might be you. Thus so as to be clear about your positions and standards you need honest reply from her.

For that you need to swallow your ego deep down and ask her about how it went for her. You need to know what she really liked and what are the things that she did not liked at all. Now when she will deliver the honest feedbacks to you, all you need to do is to work on your weak points and make them strong. Once you have done you will no longer be the guy with whom women have poor sex.

Make the best use of the time to seduce her and get her to intimacy

Time is really important. You need to be aware of the situation and then make a move on her. It has been scientifically proven that women have to feel in a particular way so as to have a great time in bed. For different women sex drives are increased at different situation. Some might get really excited and female libido kicks in on moving to a new place while some might feel extra sexy while lying in the bed like always.

Don’t just rash down to the sex part rather you need to woo her and seduce her. Be emotionally attached to her rather just asking or begging for sex all the time. This way every woman feels pampered and their female libido gets all worked up. You need to be sure that the time is right and you have to make the best of it. Fulfil all the sexual needs and desires of hers so that she can be physically and as well as emotionally satisfied.