Staying Fit Is Necessary For Healthy Sexual Performance

A few simple changes in your lifestyle can make your sexual life more exciting. It will also enhance your overall health and transform you into a happier person. Staying fit is sure to make loads of difference in your bedroom performance.

Regular exercise – Sex is 80% psychological and merely 20% physical. Hence, if you are not in the mood recently, it may be because your belly is getting in your way. Exercise is not just attaining good looks but also builds your stamina and helps you to remain active. Your back will stop hurting after you enter her. Regular cardiovascular exercise can perk up your confidence and sexual performance.

Basic grooming – Every female loves well-groomed men. Therefore it is vital to include a few basic grooming activities in your lifestyle. Regularly trim your nails and remove excess body hair that will make you look neat and tidy. It will also augment your confidence that gets reflected in your bedroom performance.

Get Stress-free – Your work pressure or strain in your personal life can affect the bedroom scenario. It can slow down your sexual interest but encouraging conversation, support, and positive aspects in your relationship will be very helpful in reducing stress.

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Alter eating habits – Eating foods that have loads of cholesterol can block heart arteries and affect your manhood. The fact is that male and female awakening depends on the flow of blood, so clogged arteries can surely affect your sexual ability. So to stay fit sexually keep track of what you eat. Food rich in omega-3 helps to reduce the plaque that gets built up on your artery walls. Vitamin C and antioxidants promotes sperm mobility and prevents probable sperm defects. Calcium and vitamin d augments male fertility. Additionally, zinc keeps testosterone level perpetually high. Eat nutritious food and keep away from dieting

Sleep soundly – Good sleep can trigger better sex life. But inadequate rest can result in increasing the stress-level thus decreasing arousal level. Doctors recommend an eight hours sleep daily to stay fit and healthy.

Mind workouts – Focusing your mind can amazingly help you out in your bedroom actions. Control of erections and avoiding ejaculation even while thrusting her rapidly can be gained otherwise losing focus can cause a leakage even before she is all ready for the final act. For increasing mental agility play hand games, crossword puzzles or chess. Practicing these games will help you enhance your focus.

Meditation – Meditating is a good stress buster that can calm the nerves and also improves your concentration. If you are not used to meditation, then try Zen technique. Focus you attention on the flame of a lighted candle. Keep staring as long as possible, without blinking. The concept behind this technique is to train you mind for great sexual experience.

Certain things should be avoided

Alcohol and drugs have disastrous effect on sex and makes it difficult to get and maintain erections. Therefore for improving your sexual ability reduces the level of alcohol you take. Heavy drinking can cause sexual dysfunction. Tobacco affects the heart and damages arteries affecting the blood circulation to your genital region. This directs to loss of sexual interest, so avoid smoking.

Six Types Of Sex – Heat The Bedroom And Keep The Fire Blazing Always

The fact is that humans are all novelty seeking creatures, so they have to practice different types of sex to sustain an enduring monogamous relationship. If the couple starts feeling stagnant then they can add something new in their repertoire. A sexual connection is tremendously vital for a couple to bond, share as well as come closer in a physical, emotional and spiritual way. Sex is the main ingredient that keeps the couple connected all through their life.

The life today is full of stress, so with other things to fret about, sex often gets ignored but keeping this priority straight is necessary. The reason is that enjoying libido reduces stress, enhances health and maintains the strong marital relationship. You simply have to make few adjustments and spice things up. Keep it fun and inside your own periphery.

Types of sex

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  1. Seductive sex – Before marriage, you may have had several sexual encounters that must have revolved around seduction. It means you are going to allure and charm her to join you in the bed. Soft and sensuous touch and conversation with eye contact will seduce her mind.
  1. Once the sexual energy starts to flow, she will surely respond and you can kiss and carry or lead her to your bedroom. Slowly kissing her undress and lay her down, but remember to maintain your eye contact. In addition, maintain the constant and steady pace. You are a strong silent lover tonight, so refrain from using any sound effects. This will bring back old memories and she is sure to love it.
  1. Wild sex – Occasionally, you are so passionate for one another that even caressing or foreplay seems like torture. It is just like attending a party and you get incredibly triggered, but have to hang around. However, once the front door of your house gets unlocked, there is just lust between both of you.
  2. Grab and kiss her hard then rip the clothes. At this moment, you just need to enter her. Prop her against the kitchen counter or a doggy style on the floor is just perfect. You can grab her hair, even yell but make sure that no one is around.
  3. Passionate sex – Suppose you fought or you have not seen her for some time as you were away then you are burning with craze and desire to devour one another. The resulting libido must be passionate and felt intensely. Hold her as you do not desire to part from her and make love as if she is the only woman you ever want to be with.
  1. Quickie sex – It is great, which brings the sneaky side of sex. Whenever, you are pressed for time or in an unusual place (office, park, lift or other public places) but you want to have an orgasm that instant then this quick, short and snappy experience is thrilling. No removal of clothes just an erotic sneaky assault will surprisingly keep her daydreaming for weeks.
  1. Kinky sex – Tie her hands to the bedpost with scarves or you can blindfold her to keep her guessing your next move. You can spill ice-cream on her and lick it away. Use her body as a canvas and paint with some edible body paints. Tease her with feathers or shock her with ice-cubes. You can even spank her.
  1. Whimsical sex – Every couple has sexual dreams. Make sure that both of you are comfortable to act them out. Perhaps, you can fulfill the dream of your partner and present her the sexiest lingerie and have her perform a small strip dance. You can also buy some dicey games or sex coupons and perform certain activities as stated on them.

As long as both of you have attuned libido along with a desire for a sexual escapade then you will be able to spice your sex life and avert the fire from dying.

Sexual Fantasy – Change It To Realism

Fantasies are manifestations of wish that can or cannot be fulfilled. It helps you to recognize that you have an active imagination. Additionally, they spice your sex life. They are your dreams and thinking about them stimulates, tempts and maneuvers you sexually. It can be advantageous to rekindle your girlfriend by sharing these dreams.

The significant point to remember is how to express these thoughts. Take care in sharing it because fantasies are your personal vision. She may not be familiar with your interest or understand your interest. Therefore, while communicating your fetishes caution is vital.

Sow the seed

In a relationship, there are different stimulating scenes or positions, but there is a fear whether your girl will share that similar sexual interest or think that it is odd. Therefore, while watching a movie together, you can discuss the scenes to express your interest. Simply start by saying, ‘that looks interesting, what do you think?’ This sexual thought may stimulate her and her imaginations will run wild.

Remember not to pressurize her or she will reject. In addition, don’t bring this topic up every few minutes to find out, if she has decided to participate with you. You may look desperate, which is certainly not attractive.

Trigger the thought

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Now, make certain that she is comfortable before your next move. You can take her to your bedroom because she will feel relaxed here. You can tell her that you had a dream, if you are shy. Talk about the sexy dream you had, she is sure to get interested.

Next let her be inquisitive and get the fine points out of you. Now, delicately let her know that it wouldn’t be terrible if it was performed in reality. You can introduce the subject in any way, but bear in mind to keep it graceful and fun.

Finer details

As you get an idea that she is interested in your sexual fantasy, start presenting the finer details. Her mind will get aroused with all the dirty things you desire her to do in the dream scenario. Don’t forget that fantasy and reality are different. It has to be experienced mutually, so focus on those parts that are the most fun.

Avoid talking constantly about your pleasure that will appear the fantasy to be a one-sided or selfish. The next step is the reality show, where your girl will be in the main actress role. It is your dream and you desire her to join you in the sexual fetishes.

Give and take

Males are not the only one that has fantasies. Give and take offers success to relationships. So, when she joins you in fulfilling your dream then it is your turn to return this favor. Additionally, you never know if her daydream may be binding and teasing you. Luckily, it has turned out to be your dream too.

The bottom line is that reveal your fantasies and thoughts to sign in with your girl. Understand her thoughts, desires, needs and perspective. If you discover that your spouse is not open to hear or engage in your fantasy then understand the reality and accept her decision.

Sexual Alternatives For Dual Pleasure In Winter

With the dropping temperature, all you desire to do is snuggle under a duvet. However, everyone fails to appreciate that wintry weather, which can be equally romantic as the wonderful summer saga, people always dream about. The chilly weather may be insensitive and you are unable to hit the beach. This simply does not signify that there aren’t some good alternatives for those sub-zero months.

Avoid being a couch-potato and fade underneath the permafrost. Reap the benefit of winters sexual alternatives with some effective suggestions to keep her warmed up in winter.

Erotic massage candles – Candles and massage is a good combination, especially during winter season. Lighting candles, while you are perspiring seem a little odd, so make the most of winter chills and keep her warm.

The traditional candles just burn away but nowadays you can buy candles that have skin nourishing ingredients, which melt a bit above your body temperature. Massage candles do not just spread fragrance, but have marvelous massage oil too. It can be used to pamper your woman, which will comfort and moisten her skin.

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Lube of pleasure – Lube can make your sexual experience hotter, when clothes slip down in winter. Spread the warm lubricant all over her body and turn into a masseur. The lube will warm her body on contact and arouse all the nerves. She also can return the compliment. There is no hotter foreplay than massaging one another’s shoulder and neck knots. This slippery flavored solvent can dual your pleasure, while having oral sex. Winter dries the skin and genitals, so lubes can make things slippery not just on the outside but inside and you can ride longer.

Steamy hot tub – A steamy bath is convivial, when the temperature drops. Before you escort your woman towards the hot water make changes in the ambiance. Put on some soft music and light some aromatic candles. Acoustic perfection, spiced fragrances and shadowy lighting transform an improbable room into a romantic heaven appropriate for winter season frolic. What a perfect warm, cozy and scented room to pamper her in winter.

Next fill the bathtub to the rim with steamy water and aromatic oil. Soak with her in this warm water. Foreplay feels great because water bodies are light and slippery. On the other hand, the essential oils will cleanse and firm your skin. This will be helpful in reviving dry skin and your spirit. The favor may be returned with a second hot round under the sheets. So, go to the hot tub and steam together in one another’s arms.

Light a fire – It is an old method but works perfectly! Taking off clothes, when it is freezing is a difficult part, so get active and light a fire. Once the fire blazes lay heavy blankets on the floor and spend time together. The warmth in the room will greet her and the temperature outside the house will be forgotten. A well-built fire offers an ideal background for an enjoyable winter evening.

Don’t suffer from fatalities this winter season, but take advantage of the cold months and try something new to increase your intimacy.

Sex Positions For Small Penis

  • A standard erect penis is projected to be approximately 6 inches in length, post erection. If you fall short then you may be concerned about your bedroom performance. Don’t panic, it is true that size has its own advantage, but it is not all that counts in bedroom.

    Furthermore, women hardly enjoy being rammed into with large endowment. Women usually complain about painful sexual experience with large penis. It is not the size that matters, but the way you use the dick gives pleasure.

    Below are some best sex position tips that can be used by males having small penis.

    Before the actual penetration

    Nevertheless, sex is not just penetrating but more than that. Don’t overlook the importance of foreplay as it triggers the sexuality in your partner. Men, who are endowed with small size dick, can take advantages of prolonged foreplay till his woman gets completely kindled. The closer she gets to climax before real entrance, the simpler it will be for her to orgasm through a small penis.

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    Don’t forget foreplay

    Foreplay includes kissing and caressing that are always appreciated. If you desire to rock her world then pitch in a little sexy pillow talk in the beginning. Additionally, have her desired sex toys nearby. If she adores being kinky then try a little spanking or some sensual biting. The point here is to bestow her with plenty of attention to make her extremely hot and she comes begging for sex. Also spend some time playing with her clitoris through manual stimulation or oral sex, before you enter in.

    Sex positions for small penis

    Doggie-style: It is very easy sex position for small dongs. Have her shoulder and head comfortably placed on the pillow and her bottom elevated in the air. For creating an effective angle, she should arch her back and draw her thighs together. You lean forward, while penetrating and maintain physical contact to keep things intimate.

    The rabbit ears: Your lady lies on her back and spreads her thighs drawing her legs up till her knees are near her ears. A pillow is placed under her bottom and her vagina is at a suitable angle. When you enter your small penis, she will feel as if you are stuffing her vagina completely. She can play with her clitoris, while you rock her world from within.

    The snake: The woman lies flat on her stomach with legs closed. Slip a pillow below her pelvis area till her bottom bends upward. With your knees bent, bestride her hips but hold the upright position. Place your genitals behind her bottom. Slowly spread her thighs a little to let you penetrate and slide in. For tight fit embrace her thighs together and thrust her.

    The V-configuration: Let her lie flat facing you. You shift between her thighs entering her normally from your kneeling position. Raise her legs grasping her ankles and spread them forming a “V” pattern. This position will offer you a deep penetration. For gaining leverage brace your palms against a headboard or wall. However, have her legs draped over your shoulder.

Several Traits Woman Look For Besides Penis Size

For centuries men have been anxious about their penis size. They are not secured about their manhood, but women don’t give much importance. They look for other qualities as well. When she is standing there looking at you naked means, she is interested in you. She might be closely scrutinizing your member. There are these specific traits that work best with female anatomy.

Penis need not be that big

Female G-spot lies just 2 inches on the upper side of her vagina, so it is a myth that men having a lengthy penis can give his lady an orgasm. This is just a tale. The average penis length is approximately five inches, but the truth is that you can possibly satisfy your girl with a G-spot orgasm with an erect penis that is above 3 inches long.

Prominent ridge

Several females prefer an eminent sharpness, where the shaft and head meet. If this ridge is followed on the underside then it is seen to curve upwards in an upside down figure ‘V’. When this shaft gets erect, ridge gets prominently swollen and can touch the G-spot and arouse it during sex. This sharp ridge is more eminent in circumcised males because the foreskin covering the penis head is removed.

Wide penis head

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Females favor wide head because it can stimulate her G-spot easily and offer her extreme orgasms. A wide penis head has the capability to rub intensely against the small G-spot and kindle it.

A thick shaft

Female vagina is sensitive all around the outside. You may have experienced the rabbit styled vibrators comprised with rotating beads, which are designed to knead and arouse the sensitive nerve ends at the opening of the vagina. Suppose your penis is thin then you will not be able to massage against the vaginal walls sufficiently. In addition, with a thick shaft, friction can be automatically attained and thus the sensitive areas can be stimulated.

Thin penis does not point to the end of your sex life. Your sexual skills can pay for that. Just penetrate your penis with a circular motion instead of thrusting in and out. You may need to master this technique appropriately but it is all worth in the end. With circular movement, your penis will rub against the entire surface of her vaginal walls touching every pleasure zones.

Little upward curve

G-spot is located inside the vaginal wall, just below your belly and not on the butt side. Suppose your penis has a little upward curvature then it helps to strike the G-spot easily. It is not bad, if your penis is straight. However, if your penis bends downwards then you may have to experiment different sex positions that can comfortably provoke her G-spot during penetrative intercourse. Doggy style is the best position for stimulating her G-spot with downward penis curvature.

Confident male

A girl gets stimulated with a confident male and it does not matter if his penis is big or small. What is its shape or color? So, instead of getting anxious about penis size learn the various techniques, sex positions, fingering and oral sex skills that can offer your girl squirting orgasms.

Saucy Sex Tips For Winter Days

In winter, the days are short and energy level decreases but you can surely heat up the bedroom temperature through wild sex. Discover her chilled body parts, with your cold lips and numb fingers. Follow the guidelines for steamy winter nights and add spice to your sexual life.

Electric blanket

Start motion in doggy position and when you get rhythmic let her slide down slowly with her face on the duvet. You will be lying on top with your arms wrapped around her and simultaneously continue to thrust in and out with steady movements. You will feel like you are in the midst of a love toaster.

Hot bath-tub

A hot and steamy bath-tub with plenty of bubbles will look quite tempting and exciting. You enter the tub and stretch out first then let her climb in and lounge over you with her face down. Her breasts will rub against your chest and your penis will caress her clitoris as both of you rub the creamy lather and work yourselves.

Hot drinks

Warm sensation brings the blood on the surface of your skin that increases sensitivity. So, let her offer your dick a warm treat with temperature of her mouth, before venturing to the south. For example, she takes a mouthful sip of hot tea then wraps it around your penis for a warm tingling sensation.

Warm massage

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A slow sensual rubdown with warm oil excites the body and gets the heat penetrated all through your body as her hands rub the erogenous zones. You can take turns and bestow her warm rub, but do not forget to heat the oil between the palms before starting. The massage session before a fire can work wonders.

Hot and steamy shower

With chilly weather one can hardly tolerate to expose even the bit of their little finger with a dread of receiving frost-bite. A morning prance is totally unfavorable, so with clenched teeth go straight towards the shower. It can be exploited because you can affiliate heat, moisture, pressure and friction for enjoying sex amidst the spray of water. Let the things get steamy under the hot shower as you take turns in washing one another sensuously all over. Ultimately, with her facing the wall friskily work the magic from behind.

Work on clothes dryer

Actually, laundry room is a place to get clothes cleaned but you can manipulate it and get busy. Put her on top of the buzzing dryer and slide between her legs. You can give her oral sex with one of her legs hoisted over your shoulder that will make things easier for you. The vibration and heat from the dryer will amplify the experience.

Fantasy play

Fantasy of going camping can be fulfilled by dragging your sleeping bags from the storage and zipping yourselves inside. You can stick to slow motions and go wild and free as the things heat up. You can also add a bit of role-play and spice things up. Imagine working like two colleagues and having a scorching moment in the closet or stationary cupboard.

Protocol Regarding One Night Stand

One night stand is one of the most casual sexual encounters, nonetheless has its own etiquette rules. These codes are intended to permit both of you to enjoy one night stand with no emotional strings involved.

Be frank

Both of you should be frank with one another regarding the momentary nature of this single sex encounter. Do not oversight it as a lead to another kind of relationship. Never expect any kind of emotional bonding, so never talk about your ongoing relationship. Keep things pleasant don’t get too involved with personal likes and dislikes. Being honest will help you to avoid answering any texts or calls following your encounter.

Be organized

One-night stands are purely physical as well as fuelled with mystery. Both of you do not know one another. It is the responsibility of both male and female to prevent pregnancy as well as the spread of STD. For this it is vital to use condoms and play safe.

Be gentle with the act

There is just sex involved in one-night stand, just like normal relationship, but you are not aware of the girl’s likings, forbearances and taboos. So make sure that you are gentle and simply don’t assume that she will take pleasure in a certain position, act or technique. Merely because you enjoy acrobatic positions or kinky sexual act does not reflect that every one will prefer it. Therefore, before trying something new, ask her permission.

You may find this rule as stealing of spontaneous sexual experience, but getting her consent can certainly avert the risk of getting lashed out from the bedroom.

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When to leave

Staying over is allowed, but not compulsory. You should feel comfortable while she leaves or if you are at her place she may hint you to leave. Even if you have truly enjoyed this moment and desire to hang with her, it is better to leave sooner. However, it is a bit impolite to leave instantly after sex, which could make her feel used.

Be alert and recognize the signals about how she feels spending the night together. You can politely offer a drink and ask if she would like you to call for a cab or be outright and ask her, if you desire to spend the whole night having sex with her.

In the morning after

The morning after is probably a bit awkward as you measure the situation in the daylight. No fear. If you feel right chat with her or leave. If you are at your place wake her up and make an excuse of having an appointment.

If you hope to exchange numbers then tell her you enjoyed this great night and would desire to repeat the performance. If she declines don’t consider her to be rude. If you don’t desire to call her do not give her your number just say that you had fun and will see her around.

This is one-night stand. Odds are you will never see her again therefore have fun, be eager and adventurous. No reasons given or asked and no excuses. If you have forgotten something at her place then forget it, unless it is your car keys or wallet. Leaving something deliberately and going to collect it will make you appear foolish.

Myth 1 – Every Female Desires G-Spot Orgasm

It is true that several females yearn for the G – spot climax, but every female desire such a thing is totally an orgasm myth. Having G-spot stimulated in an accurate manner causes uncomfortable sensation in many women. It makes her feel pressurized to pee instantly and that is embarrassing and not at all fun. Actually, the whole G-spot thing triggers pain and irritation in some women that they completely shy away.

Myth 2 – Women require a skillful spouse to orgasm

The fact is that there are many men, who are delighted with their capability to make their girl orgasm, but in the end the female is liable for her own sexual satisfaction. She is capable to attain climax even if her spouse is a virgin with limited knowledge and experience.

Additionally, she may be suffering from performance nervousness just like men. If she falls in the category of anorgasmia then even the most competent male cannot make her attain orgasm, in spite of his tremendous effort.

Myth 3 – Women have to climax for enjoying sex.

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This myth is near the truth. Sex truly feels good and it does not matter, if you reach the peak or not. Further, when it is blended with the appropriate extent of intimacy, your experience can be enormously satisfying apart from whether she gets an orgasm or not.

Many females prefer foreplay to real sex and orgasm. This may be because they find kissing, caressing, stroking and hugging more satisfying than the scenes viewed in adult films. Affectionate gestures can be slowly combined with penetration that can turn out to be an explosive love session.

Myth 4 – Vaginal orgasms are superior to clitoral orgasms.

The crucial point is that both vagina and clitoris stimulation can be evenly gratifying. Vaginal orgasms are regarded as superior because they occur infrequently. A study has estimated that 30% females will never experience it at all, whereas 30% will do so regularly.

Keep in mind that clitoral orgasms can be extremely earth-shattering, if performed under the ideal condition, as preferred by your girl. Therefore, clitoral climaxes must not be taken lightly. They are breathtaking, so do not show sympathy to women, who will not experience vaginal orgasms.

Myth 5 – Women can’t ejaculate

Women can absolutely ejaculate with force, which can be viewed in adult films. Like males female ejaculation takes place through urethra. It comprises of the same matter like men. The fluid is produced by female prostate, which is a little smaller than the male prostate. Ejaculation takes place, when the G-spot is directly stimulated, but every female cannot experience it. This does not denote that she cannot enjoy sex.

Remember you are not solely liable for giving her orgasm. If you desire to give her that explosion then let her masturbate and you can get a lot of insight on how she favors to reach the zenith.

Magical Sex In Awkward And Small Places

You cannot wait for perfect space or places to fulfill instant urges. Positioned appropriately in small places and tight corners is possible to enjoy spontaneous sex at any time and place.

Your car

Both of you are spending a night among dancing crowd locked together. You can hardly restrain yourself with the music pulsating in the air. Or suppose she is adorned in a sexy dress floating over her hips, skimming over her thighs, just inching higher as she moves with the music makes you ache to get your hand above the hem.

With hot whispered expressions you are away towards your car. She too cannot wait and follows you. Release is necessary, both of you are steaming but the space in your car is small. Car is not a favorable place for sexual acts, but you can surely make the most before you reach your final destination.

The woman on top can be the easiest position, so tilt back your seat and subsequently have your woman climb on you. Be careful with your movements, avoid wild moves. Your car is made of steel, fiberglass and houses flammable liquids.

The closet

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You have stumbled on her secretly from behind as she was picking something to dress up. She is in a semi-dressed state and you cannot wait to carry her to the bed. Use the bike pump position that is she bends a little and you enter her from behind. You can drag a chair and her in the pantry or closet and work the magic in the small and dark place.

The bathroom or restroom

At a restaurant, club or friend’s place the undeniable urges can be fulfilled. You are in a tight-walled bathroom, where anyone outside can hear or stride in on you. Risk only adds to excitement, so all that has to be done is pick a booth, hoist her up but take heed of coat hooks. She will support her feet on toilet seat, as you thrust her.

The elevator

Public places give an opportunity for naughty acts, but you will have to display some decorum, when you perform satisfying sexual act. You will have to go for a quickie. Just lean yourself in front of her, unzip your fly, ease her skirt and slide her panty at the side then get in quickly. Speed is vital. Mostly all elevators have cameras, so be careful.

An awkward space does not matter as long as you both desire one another. A small tight and cramped space means exciting sexual experience. You can surely transform every space into an opportunity. Bear in mind that small spaces are effective with standing positions.

Be a little imaginative and make use of the existing props if necessary. You will need to be bold for scandalous sex spots. A rushed and uncontrolled sex combined with fright of getting trapped will elevate your adrenalin level. Nevertheless, realize that for speed and competence in satisfying instant sex in elevators, dressing rooms or airplanes be sure to put on baggy clothes as well as avoid wearing underwear.