Reality Regarding Penis Enlargement Methods

The desire for a larger penis is one of the reasons that the penile enlargement market is flourishing. You may be a beginner and searching for better ways to increasing the size of the penis. Be careful and just don’t just jump to conclusions about choosing a product. Study the pros and cons of different devices, before buying them.

Before investing in any penis enlargement product or devices, just trim your pubic hair. If you carry extra weight around your stomach then losing some extra weight can make your dick appear larger. These are the two things that may be obstructing your judgment.

There are the invasive and non invasive methods to gain the penis length. The various techniques are:


Surgery – In surgical treatment, the surgeon cuts the ligament that holds your penis in position and allows your penis to descend. After that stretching devices are used. It offers a permanent result, but there may be scars and the erection can be sometimes downwards. It is very expensive. The post-operative risks attached are infections and damage can be done to the surrounding nerves and tissue. Doctors suggest it only, if you have medical conditions.

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Non-invasive methods

Penis pills and creams – The manufacturers of these supplements, claim that their product will create a miracle and fulfill your dream. In fact, penis enhancement products are not approved by FDA. Further you do not need any prescription to buy it from the drug store. There is hardly any guarantee that the ingredients used are safe and no evidence that they actually work. They are costly in the long term.

Penis pumps – This gadget is suggested by doctors to patients suffering from smaller sized penis. Remember that this erection is temporary. This device is fitted on your penis and with a manual or mechanical pump the air from inside the vacuum is taken off. It in turns draws blood to your penis and it swells. You will also have to use a cock ring to maintain the erection simultaneously. In this manner, the erections will stay longer, even after you remove the pump. Bear in mind that if the pressure increases a little, the blood vessel ruptures and causes blister on the penis.

Penis extenders – This is a traditional traction method of enlarging your penis. You have to attach the stretcher to your penis for 8 hours regularly and for about 5 to 6 months. However, you will also have to remove it after every hour to let the penis breath. Due to traction there is a rip caused in the tissue and the cells in the penile reform and expand. This is an effective procedure but it only enlarges the penis length.

The disadvantage is that it causes uneasiness when you are moving around. You have to be careful, while stretching and putting it on every time during the day. It may cause lesions, stretch marks and decrease the sensation in your penis.

Penis exercises – Jelqing and Kegel are exercises that are performed on semi-erect penis repeatedly, which draws blood and forces it to enter the penile region. No scientific verification is available that it enlarges the penis, but the side effects are grave including bleeding from your urethra or permanent ED.

Tips To Create Your Own Sex Tape

You can spice to your sexual life by capturing your lovemaking scenes, with your partner. It might sound strange, but if your partner agrees then it will be quite interesting. It is not as easy, as it sounds to be as you need to be an expert in capturing the best video. You need to take your partner into confidence, as not many agree to this.

You can spend your leisure time, watching the video. You can certainly talk to her about your experience and things that you could do to make it perfect. It certainly gets you closer to your partner and strengthens your sexual performance. With some knowledge and research you can surely film your very first video.

Loyal partner

You cannot trust anyone to participate with you in a sex tape. Don’t take a risk of capturing a casual one night stand experience, as you hardly know the other person. The fun game instead might end up into a stressful act. You are always exposed to the risk of been blackmailed, which can impact your normal life.

Choose a partner, with whom you are comfortable and trust. Discuss with her as to how you both will use the tape and other privacy issue. This will ensure better protection and assurance that no one will misuse the personal moments.

Set up the scene

The newspaper scattered on the floor or the dirty sheets might ruin the quality of the recording. Take time to create a romantic love nest wearing sexy lingerie, nice sheets, dim lights or candles. You can also add sex toys or props for more fun. Play some light music and make it is as appealing as possible. It is your video film, after all.

Set the camera

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When you are making a home movie, then you can own a lightweight and good quality camera. It is good enough to record all your private moments. Avoid using webcams, because it is attached to your computer. Nonetheless, if you are going to film a lovemaking scene, then consider the positions and place where you will be performing the act.

Make sure that it is completely charged and ready on the tripod for a wide angle. Set the lighting and if your camera does not have infrared night mode, you will have to keep the lights on.

Preparation before performance

You are a pro in bed but looking at the 3 LCD screen will surely make you feel nervous and self-conscious. So, it is best to take a hot shower and groom yourself. Make sure that any hair bordering the south is clean. Try to make things a little more viewer-friendly. A glass of your favorite wine will also be helpful. Thus before moving in your bedroom the performance anxiety will be lessened and you will get comfortable, while videotaping.

Share point of view

Switching the angles of the cameras is similar to switching sex positions. It is rather tempting to be the voyeur (photographer) but give her a chance to shoot you. Give her an opportunity to select the scenes she desires to see in your film starring both of you.

Otherwise, it will seem like you are filming a headless stranger straddling your girl. Seeing both of you in the scenes will bring you close and she will not feel embarrassed on review. Even if the sex tape you produced does not look as expected, it is worth because it will make you giggle a lot.

Erase it

A sex tape is not to be stored. The right thing is view it and erase after enjoying viewing it. You will surely have fun in producing a masterpiece of intimate moments and view it again and again.

Tips To Buy Maternity Lingerie For The Love Of Your Life

Congratulations! You are about to step in the phase of fatherhood. Your dear wife is carrying your child and now in a couple of months, you will be holding a sweet baby. This is the right time to pamper and spoil the special woman of your life. Pregnancy is the most wonderful change in a women’s life.

Changes in her body and emotions

There are some physical changes in the body. Those new curves keep getting rounder. Her body is changing but she is the same woman, whose desire is to look pretty always. You can embrace those curves because during pregnancy a woman looks more attractive. You can buy her clothes and lingerie as she has outgrown her existing clothes.

While her body gets used to the changes, she may feel a bit itchy and lose her self-confidence. Even though she is excited about the baby, she might feel that she is losing the charm that attracted you. Sometimes, she may even burst out that you find her fat and unattractive.

Research her size

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Bear in mind that she still desires to feel sexy. Gift her sexy lingerie, which is the best way to celebrate her femininity and have her feel positive and shine. Buying her a right size undergarment will be a challenging task. Buying a small or big size will spoil the surprise, so it is better to sneak in her closet, but be careful not to get caught so that the secret is not revealed.

Play safe and just grab a bra, she is currently using and that fits her appropriately. However, to make sure that the size is perfect conduct a more detailed research, when she is wandering the house wearing her undergarments. The size of her knickers and bra can be noted down by looking at the size tags. Remember that an expecting mother usually has to buy one size more than her normally worn lingerie.

Determine color and style

You have to even decide the color and style. There are sexy and lacy, short and sassy, comfortable and pretty lingerie’s to opt from. Selection should not be done just from the male point of view, but her favorite color, style and comfort level must also be taken into consideration. Never choose something that she will never wear or if she has already made her purchase of maternity lingerie then you can get her PJ’s or night dresses. Buying a silky soft pajama can be a very sweet gesture, with a sexy touch to it. It will boost her emotional feelings making her feel feminine, sexy and important.

Online stores

Although you are sure to get help from the sales lady, you may feel awkward to go looking for lingerie’s at the local store. However, the online option would be the best choice. Make sure that you buy the right size. The best way out will be to just ask her. The thoughts will count and she will definitely love you for pampering her. Finally, you will not lose even if you make a blunder.

Tips On How Aphrodisiac Meals Work

Specific perfumes, food, and drinks are regarded as aphrodisiacs diets. It triggers your sexual interest and energy. This concept has prevailed for ages, but there are quite few who debate about the logic of consuming these foods. Do aphrodisiac actually work? Well, for some it does, while others don’t believe it at all.

Everyone has heard the medieval saying that, ‘Stomach is the best way to a man’s heart’. So, Shelly, a romantic girl went all the way out of her schedule and prepared a three course aphrodisiac dinner for her dream man Phil. Oh!…..very delicious, he said, and after dinner went towards the sofa and switched on the TV.

Shelly was disappointed as this kind of plain admiration was not expected. In fact, this aphrodisiac dinner was valued, but was fruitless as it could not create the romantic atmosphere as expected.

Was the aphrodisiac idea wrong?

Shelly’s idea of offering an aphrodisiac dinner was not wrong, but she attempted to force romance. She did not pass a clue or a hint that she desired to have sex tonight. Nevertheless, according to Phil this was just a dinner as usual. He did not have a need to even ask, what the occasion for this delicious treat was. He felt that as Shelly is a good cook, she must have felt an urge to exhibit her culinary art.

Other undesired thing was that Shelly prepared the salad with aphrodisiacs she felt Phil liked, but he actually hated the arugula that was combined in it.

Tips on how aphrodisiacs can work

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An aphrodisiac meal prepared for lovers, who are aphrodisiac challengers, you must take care, while serving the meal. Ensure that you make use of aphrodisiacs that both of you appreciate. You main aim is to elevate your partner’s sexual desire, so use those that your lover adores and not something that you like.

Visual creatures

The truth is that there is no scientific proof that aphrodisiac directly provoke sexual desire. You will see that several libido enhancers like bananas, oysters, strawberries, and so on were selected for their resemblance and shapes. It is actually the vision that creates thoughts and stimulation in your mind.

Men are visual creatures therefore foods looking like gentiles will trigger their thought. You can use oysters, mussels, or un-chopped carrots and asparagus that resemble the shape of their penis. For instance, boiled green asparagus are arranged in a tall glass with their tips dipped in butter will surely offer a visual treat. It will lead to some horny fantasies.

Suggestion power

In fact, aphrodisiacs do not directly affect any sexual organs or your sexual desires. The power of suggestion is a potent way using aphrodisiac food, perfume and potions as the part of seducing technique, which is helpful to spice your relationship. For example, if you use chocolates then instead of just munching them start licking the chocolate bar. Make lapping noise, which will capture his attention at once.

Set the stage

Women are sensitive and stirring them is a challenge. Moreover, for an effective aphrodisiac meal first modify the surroundings, dim the lights, play sensuous music, pass certain hints or text love quotes in the day, touch gently and so on, this are triggers for your partner. Drop clues during the meal. Thus seducing her subtle senses is regarded as the best mode to set fire to her desire. She gets romantic, when she feels pampered and adored. Passion for a female is what she feels inside her and not between sheets.

Tips On Do’s And Don’t Regarding Adult Movies

Pornography is an ideal way to enhance your sexual life. Watching it with your lady is a great way to get entertained and learn new ways of bedroom performance. Both of you can get to know about the comfort zones of each other and about where to draw the line. Porn stars are paid for making it appear as if they are enjoying it, but the fact may be that they are acting and not enjoying themselves. Certain things happening in adult movies must be avoided in real sex life.

Some few don’ts are:

Don’t touch aggressively – The actors are professionals and can handle rough play often. This is for the camera as it cannot detect a subtle caress but a strong thrust or groping of your tongue is caught clearly. Things are exaggerated on the screen, for example grabbing her hair and banging her against the groin, during an oral sex appears appealing in the movie but if you do it in real life, your lady will avoid having oral sex with you.

Don’t hammer – Banging in and out of your woman may desensitize her because she is not a paid porn star actress, who fakes love. Many women love to feel the weight and pressure of your total body and groin against their body. Nevertheless, you don’t have to repeat the thrusting in and out to give her the final climax but at times go slow, take a breathe and let her enjoy your body pressure. Behave like the man you are and not like the movie actor.

Don’t play boisterously – Being forceful by holding her down or smacking her firmly on her bottom is simply going to hurt, which will not be favorable. Be gentle and handle her delicately. If she desires boisterous sex make sure you start slowly and monitor her signals.

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Don’t be monotonous – Women are changeable and react to new things differently. The caress she had enjoyed the last time may not turn her on the next week. However, you will have to feel her with your touch passionately and monitor her reactions.

Don’t dismantle or gawk at her – During sex women are self-conscious, so never expect to watch her like the actresses in adult movies, who expose every nooks and corners. Don’t gawk or do things like dividing her butt cheeks. She will feel embarrassed, distressed, and discouraged. She will feel insecure and shy away from moving ahead. She is not your toy, who can be dismantled and stared at.

Don’t use her as a sperm dumper – She does not desire to feel like a sperm dumping ground. So, before dropping your cum anywhere on her body ask her. Back, breast and stomach are rationally safe regions but face, head, bottom or hair is take permission area.

Some dos are as follows:

Give and take – Adult movies are kept lively by sharing oral sex taking turns, which adds variety. You can easily add it in your sexual session. Sharing sexual movements keeps things moving and avoids desensitization or monotony from cyclic actions.

Take it cheerfully – Porn is to be taken lightly. Hideous acting and crappy music can easily look weird in real sex life. Sometimes sex should be entertaining and ridiculous. You can change locations, play dress up, prolong the foreplay, and masturbate in front of one another, which are tremendously healthy additions to your sexual life.

Tips For Enjoying Morning Sex

It is well known that men have a tendency to obtain contentment in morning sex, whereas women desire night-time action. Morning sex enjoyed by males is due to the night-time erections in the male. This condition is termed as nocturnal penile tumescence. It is not erectile dysfunction, but typically occurs 3 to 4 times in the night.

Waking up untimely with an erection calls for early morning action. Start your day with brilliant lovemaking. Disappointingly, your lady may not be in the mood, but if you move towards her appropriately, she will swiftly join you in the morning rendezvous.

Be prepared

Remember to lighten yourself from the body fluids before going to bed at night. Otherwise, it can kill your mood trying to hold the urge of visiting the bathroom, when you have moved on. In addition, brush your teeth at night and have some dissolvable mints by your bedside. Thus, on waking up you can pop it or else bad breath can spoil your sexual experience. Having condoms near the bed is wise for you surely do not desire to hunt the room for them.

Set an alarm

Waking up early for the little action is important because both of you have to go to work. Therefore, make certain you set an alarm a little early, so that you can awaken her in response to your soft moves. Don’t forget, that you may be ready, but she will take some time to get warmed up and going.

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Wake her soothingly

No lady would like being greeted by an erect penis shaking in front of her face as soon as her eyes open. Therefore, take it easy and move ahead touching her slowly and softly. Kiss her tenderly everywhere and move your fingers sensuously in her hair. This aesthetic approach will surely awaken her positively and in a loving mood, all ready to join you in a mind-blowing morning sex.

Sexy talk

Early in the morning may bring an awareness of disheveled hair, lines on her face or a bit of bad breath. So, she may shy away because she does not feel sexy. Therefore, talk to her convincingly, telling her that she is beautiful, even though she is a little messy. Ignore her tousled body and convey to her how desperately you desire her.

Suppose, you find it tricky to keep your face straight telling her how sizzling she looks early in the morning then change your position and spoon her from behind. Talking to her from the rear will appear romantic and sensual, as well as allow you to avert the torture of morning breath easily.

Benefits of morning sex

Getting active at the break of the day is an excellent way to begin your day. The good hormones oxytocins get liberated and make you feel bonded. You are ready to face the hassles of the day, easily. Having morning sex at times can spice up your sexual session. Furthermore, it strengthens the immune system. You are less susceptible to catch the flu or cold and additionally the risk of heart disease are lessened.

Thrilling And Chilling Summer Sex Experience

Summer is an ideal time to charge your relationship. Beautiful sunset, alfresco dinner and clean sky full of stars is perfect scenario to re-connect, explore and spend memorable time together. This is an ultimate moment of the year to have sex in the open. However, convincing your lady to participate in your fantasy of an alfresco sex may take some persuasive words on your part.

You can start by giving hints or signals about your dream of summer loving. Just talk about how great you feel to be with her or about the animalistic things you desire to do with her in an isolated location. Just let your imaginations go wild and describe a couple of set-ups for her to think over.

At night on the beach or roof

In summer, people just prance around in very less clothes, presenting a buffet of flesh. A tan makes the body look great. Rubbing sunscreen on one another is drop-dead sexy. However, during the day you can enjoy lazing around as the warm and humid climate may slow you down. Nevertheless, at night under the stars with the sound of the waves rushing can give your session a rhythm as you ride your lady. Both can truly take pleasure in this languid lovemaking. Don’t forget to place a towel or a rug beneath her body as the grit can hurt her back. Love making under the stars on your house roof can also be an excellent location. It is massively flattering, getting naked in the open as well as terribly decadent.

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In the ocean water

In water, our body is weightless. Your body floats in the water along with your mood. You must have experienced having libido in a bath or under the shower, but sex in the beach water can be quite exciting. The jet of water that flows around your penis and her clitoris as you thrust inside her is a heavenly feeling, which reaches its peak as she rides you with her feet around your waist. It just appears as if you are kissing each other to the people on the beach, but actually you are unified under the water. Make sure that you lubricate your sex organs before entering the water to enjoy your love session.

In the garden

Our libido ascends, when we are outside. Watering is necessary in summer. You can get her wet accidentally, so that her white tank top or sleeveless shirt clings alluringly to her body. This strong visual scene will drive you crazy, but be modest and lead yourself to a location behind some bushes or a tree. With her back supporting the tree, you can go for a quickie without undressing.

Enjoy a chilly thrill in the house

Fill a spray bottle with ice water and give one another a deliberate squirt to lengthen the encounter, every time things appear to get too hot. To activate a more passionate and joyful reaction, aim for the thin-skinned areas on one another’s body. These nerve packed areas are the back-side of the neck, nipples, inner thighs and tailbone. The cooling sensation turns out to be more distinct with every thrust and it feels mind-boggling on erogenous precinct.

Things Not To Utter To A Girl In Bed

Words said indiscreetly can make or break relationships. It is not what you utter, but also how you verb it. Everything is moving smoothly and suddenly your phrases seem to be dangling in the air and she gives you a rebuff look. No matter how great you are at sex, but an unfiltered dialogue slips out and damages your sexual life. Here is a list of things not to be said to a woman in the bed.

“What’s your name….?”

Every woman hopes that you memorize their name before jumping on the bed with them. Nevertheless, if you forget it, during your sexual session then asking her in the middle of your performance will be inappropriate. This phrase can make her feel despicable and turn her off, which is undesirable.

Another girl’s name

Forgetting the girl’s name and uttering another woman’s name is a sex killer. In a passionate moment, if you say another girl’s name then you are sure to be kicked out of the bed. This verbal blunder you committed is a mistake that cannot be apologized. You will have to be more apologetic then pamper her and simply expect her to pardon you.

“I admire the way your breast bobs”

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Compliments are accepted lovingly by every female and if carried out appropriately can give you a mind blowing orgasm. However, ensure that you think twice before phrasing sentences. Enlightening someone that their breasts, butt, thighs and tummy vibrate wonderfully during libido can make them feel uncomfortable. Therefore, keep away from drawing attention to certain zones that females are insecure about. Sex is effective, when the girl feels confident and not anxious about her body.

“Hush, can you keep your voice down?”

If the girl is having a blissful time then she just screams. It shows that you are doing something appropriate. So, think again, before you ask her to turn her volume down. You must have read about a UK lady, who was drawn to the court, after the police got approximately 25 complaints regarding her noisy lovemaking sessions. Subsequently, if you feel uncomfortable and do not wish the law to knock on your door, discuss it with her outside your bedroom.

“Who’s your dad?”

While making love yelling, ‘who’s your mom’ or ‘who’s your dad’ is not the perfect time to talk about during sex. Timing is sinister and corny. The worst part will be that the girl will instantly focus on her family. The thought of family during sexual sessions is a total turn off.

“You are your mom’s copy”

Females love their mothers intensely, so if you slip the statement it will direct too many issues, even if you are right. You meant it to be a compliment, but the girl will compare the traits with her mother for example, if she is independent like her mother then hearing it from you can root trouble.

Many researches and books have been written regarding the female brains, which are complex and emotional. You have experienced rejection in the previous relationship due to careless blurting. Even then there is still no way to find out on which innocuous statement your current girlfriend will get disappointed.

The Significance Of Foreplay

Today, foreplay has become an essential element of a mind-blowing love session. It is a fact that spontaneous or quickie sex encounters are exciting and thrilling but not always. Every woman loves foreplay, so it is necessary for men to recognize its significance. A more observant form of setting the mood can surely bring better pleasure for both you and your lady. It will make your complete lovemaking session more pleasant.

Adds flavor to your sex life

As you age, there is a need for extra spice to get totally aroused and attain maximum pleasure. Therefore, mastering the art of foreplay is needed. Women need prolong foreplay to get lubricated adequately, whereas men require it for getting an erection.

What is foreplay?

Foreplay comprises of an array of activities including kissing, hugging, undressing, fondling, licking, sucking as well as performing oral sex. Men who kiss and cuddle their girlfriend will not just enjoy sexual encounter the most, but will also take care of their partners needs and help them to reach climax easily. Several females require prolonged provocation to reach the phase of total arousal, which is provided by foreplay.

How is foreplay measured?

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Foreplay level cannot be calculated. It is about getting your woman hot and aroused with the things that will offer her extreme pleasure. Arousal time taken by every woman differs. Several ladies get off on getting kissed lightly on their neck, but some enjoy oral stimulation.

You can offer your lady vast sensation in many different ways but one thing is factual that it all triggers in her brain. Compliment her sexy body and tell her how you find her attractive. Make her feel wanted and if her confidence is at a low level, you will be adding security and also a good reason to concentrate on extreme foreplay.

How to set the mood?

You will have to create a romantic environment, particularly during the mature phase in relationship. Pay attention on little details like dim lights, clean sheets and warm room. As soon as you find her in the correct frame of mind slowly and sensuously undress her. Removing her clothes needs artistic handling. It elevates eroticism, kindles and deepens the emotion.

Your woman has spent plenty on buying sexy lingerie and desires you to admire her sexy look. Just snatching them away will be unfavorable instead just remove the strap of her bra, kiss her shoulder gracefully and replace the strap back. Now, remove her panty and place some kisses on her thighs and buttocks then replace the underwear. Compliment on her good looks and kiss her passionately, you will find her begging you to take her.

Kissing and caressing

Foreplay is a slow procedure. Kissing and caressing teases her. Kiss is the first physical communication of desire, which should not be forgotten during sexual sessions. It should not be limited to the mouth but must cover every part of her body.

If you give mind blowing time of her life, she is sure to satisfy you as well. Master the art of foreplay and bear in mind that with practice you will hone it perfectly. Never forget the significance of foreplay.

Stimulations That Build Up With Vibrators

With revolution in technology, there are myriad of vibrators flooding the market in different shapes, sizes, pulsations and styles. Using those vibes in different ways couples can have infinite opportunities for exploration and have a better and more pleasurable orgasm. For years this sex toy has been enjoyed by every woman and is regarded as a reliable tool for stirring up the big ‘O’.

Here are some ways you can use vibrators to tickle:

Start slow – Many women fancy high intensity vibration to climax and some feel that beginning with low force for a few minutes can build excitement. The slow motions made by the vibrator across her clitoral region or vaginal lips results in a stronger and more satisfying orgasm.

Pull back – During the middle of foreplay pulling back is as exciting as starting slow in the beginning. Suppose you are going slow with the vibrator, either alone or with your spouse and you start feeling provoked. At that moment it is wise to slow down the pace and enjoy the alteration in feelings.

Cover your sex toy – Cover the vibrator with a towel, silky underwear, sheet or some lubricant. However, if you are making use of a silicone toy then you will have to apply water-based oil because silicone toys are not compatible with silicone-based lubricant. Slipping some cover can revolutionize your sensation and offer more pleasurable foreplay.

Prostate pleasure – Vibrators are usually believed to be a ladies device, but it can also take men over to the top. Prostate massage fills the guy with utmost pleasure. Once you have had a few minutes of foreplay, try applying this vibrating magic wand at the penis root, just behind the testicles as your girl strokes the penis with her hand or mouth. With lots of lubricant slowly move it around the anal for external stimulation, which will surely curl your toes.

Vibrate together – Vibrators are not just for masturbation. There are specific couple vibes that can be worn, so that both can feel the shudders. It is great for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation for her and prostate arousal for you.

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You can also hold the vibe to your girl’s clitoris during intercourse, so she can easily climax. However, several couples make use of this device to build sexual desire and excitement, during their first stage then the gadget is put aside and the session continues naturally.

Vibrators can be carried around in your handbag. They can be stored at all places, where the sex act takes place, which is not always in the bedroom. There are five types of vibrators that can be used to enhance your sexual life.

Types of vibrators

Rabbit vibrator – it is in the form of an erect penis with rabbit’s two small ears that stimulates the clitoris on both the sides, while dildo’s offer both clitoral and G-spot arousal.

Strap-on dildo – It is strapped on the body with a harness. It is used for anal, vaginal and oral sex.

Butterfly vibrator – It is ideal for stimulating the entire female genitals.

Love egg or bullet shaped vibrator – It is inserted in the vagina or anus. Even though it is small in size, it carries the potential to be extremely sensual as the mild pulsations offer a massive orgasm.

Jelly vibrator – It is made from jellylike substance and is non-allergic.