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Derrick Hale

Girls are always flirting with me and telling me that Iím cute. Before I tried Proextender I didnít have the confidence to take girls home due to the size of my penis. Itís been a month since I started using Proextender and I have grown a little over an inch. Iím still not ready to pick up girls but I have all the confidence in the world that Iíll get to a comfortable size soon.


Totally incredible. After just 3 months I've stretched my penis nearly an inch using the Proextender penis extender. 

Buying this was one of the best things I've ever done. I feel fantastic right now.

Gabriel Markiw

If it wasnít for Proextender, I would still be 4 inches long (erect) and 3 inches in diameter. I am a full 6 inches long now and 4.5 around. Not only that, but the more I use it, the bigger I get. AWESOME!

Ryan Unrau

This Proextender seems expensive at first, but itís really worth every penny. If you think about it, women pay thousands of dollars to enlarge the size of their breasts. Well, us men get the same advantage of enlarging our penises but it is way less money to do that. Safer too. Thanks Proextender. Iím glad we donít have to get surgery.


I only write reviews if I really love a product or its a waste of money. I love Pro Extender, this little piece of equipment has changed my life forever, i'm now 4cm longer in length and 1cm in girth. Its truly amazing!


Its a kick ass extender. I took advantage of the free device offer by submitting a testimonial 6 months on. So now, 6 months later i've gained 3cm in length and I got $350 back. Awesome


The Proextender extender has been a much better device then the ones I bought before. I couldnít live without mine


At first I thought penis enlargement was not possible. The I thought the cost was way to high for the Proextender extender but then after reading the reviews I figured it was worth the try. Iím amazed at the gains I have been getting after using it everyday for a month. Proextender is a great product I recommend to anyone!

Landon McCormick

As a 28 year old man who has had a small penis my entire life, I finally made the decision to invest in something to help me. I bought Pro Extender 3 weeks ago. It arrived like a few days after I ordered it, so very fast. I started using it immediately, and Iím already almost half an inch longer in penis size. The girth is noticeably larger too. This was a great investment and I donít regret it at all!


Never thought it possible that a mans penis could be stretched but Proextender is really increasing my size at 1 inch so far and growingÖ awesome productÖ


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