What To Talk To A Woman On The First Date?

Building up a conversation on the first date with your woman can be a nerve-wracking job, especially when you do not know what she thinks about you. Most of the men fail to impress their women as they do not know how to act and what to say. Due to this, frustration builds up and most men give up on the idea of dating. Therefore, it is advisable for all men to gather as much information as they can and practice a couple of techniques to start a healthy conversation.

Dress well to build confidence in you

“First impression is the last impression” is a well said proverb and it fits best when it comes to your first date. Therefore, it is mandatory that you dress well on your first date. Choose the dress, which makes you look smarter and build confidence in you.

  • The dress you wear should be neat and clean.
  • Shoes must be polished.
  • You can spray perfume, but it must not have the pungent smell. You can ask in stores for the best perfume for men, which women generally prefer.
  • You can chew some mouth refreshing gum. So, that you do not have bad breath while you talk to her.

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Stop over-acting when interacting with women

Few men start talking weird when they have nothing to speak. They start passing lame jokes, which are not at all relevant at that point of time. Your jokes become unbearable for women and they will certainly not enjoy your company. Therefore, make sure that you do not try too hard to convince her. Rather be yourself, and try to talk in a normal way as far as possible.

Concentrate on her and flirt with her

When you are on your first date, you should not praise others. She might not like it. This might create a lull in your conversation. You can flirt with her by praising her beauty. However, you must be conscious when you are flirting because over flirting can be dangerous. She might think you to be creepy. You can flirt by praising her dress, makeup, hairstyle etc.

Few topics on which you can talk to women on your first date

To avoid freezing point or lull point in your conversation during your first date, you must be prepared with a relevant topic to speak to her. Pick an interesting subject, so that it is not boring to her. This way, she will enjoy your company. When you are done with the initial greetings and introduction for 10-15 minutes “Hello” “How’re you doing?”, “How was the day” etc., now you can sit down with her for further conversation.

This is the point when you have nothing to talk to her. However, it will be a pretty good idea to start discussing about your common liking and disliking such as your favorite movie, hobbies, music, singers etc. This will surely work for your first date.