Topics To Discuss And Avoid On Your First Date

You asked the girl of your interest to go on a date with you, and she agreed. Although you are excited about it, you are a little nervous from the inside. The day has arrived and you are all set to meet her. While on your first day with your love interest, in spite of preparing enough number of times, you are out of words. It could also be because you hardly know the girl with whom you are on a date. Hence, to avoid this situation, find out what kind of conversations you can have and how to deal with the nervousness.

Few precautions you must follow on your first date

  • Concentrate on the girl rather than gazing into your mobile or texting. Keep the gadgets switched off.
  • Never talk about sex when you are meeting her for the first time. Girls never prefer to discuss such things with strangers.
  • Do not interview. Let the conversation happen from both the ends. Give her maximum time, so that she is comfortable to talk to you.
  • Do not discuss about other girls on your first date.
  • Never discuss about religion, politics, past relationships, finances etc. These questions can turn off a woman.

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The above mentioned tips must be followed while planning for your first date. Other than this, the topics or areas on which you can freely chat with the girl are mentioned below-

Try to connect with her on strong emotional ground

Girls are pretty emotional, and it is easy to turn them on through emotional connections. Hence, you can ask her about her aspirations and dreams. What does she want to become? These questions will break the ice, and she might feel interested to share her feelings with you. When she starts sharing her views, you can also add up your dreams and aspirations to extend the conversation.

Discuss about music

Perhaps, there is no one on this earth, who does not like music. Thus, music can be a good topic to discuss with the girl on your first date. Ask who is her favorite singer? Or which song she likes listening the most like jazz, rock or pop? You can tell her about your preferences in music. If you have common likes, then the discussion becomes very easy and smooth.

Other than these topics, you can also share your hobbies with her. Do not give a plain answer such as I have endless hobbies. Give specific replies to her questions. Do not be too serious when you are interacting with the girl. Have fun, and share some relevant and funny jokes with her, which makes her comfortable to talk to you. If the girl is not comfortable, she will avoid you and may pretend to be busy with other works such as texting on mobile, or receiving the phone calls even if the call is not an emergency one. Thus, you need to understand her feelings and work accordingly.