She Can See It In Your Eyes – Passionate Eye Contacts

If you think your eyes is a medium to see things only then think over it again. Your eyes also talk. They reveal your feelings and attract people towards you. Eyes can do miracles, which sometimes might not be possible with words.

Make the best use of your eyes, when it comes to dating a beautiful girl. With a confident and strong eye contact you can succeed in impressing your dream girl. Women love men, who can look straight into their eyes, and express their love. Studies have revealed that long eye contacts release a chemical known a phenylethylamine. This chemical attracts woman.

Intimacy and the eye language

Even if you do not speak it out loud, your eyes say it all. They tell her that you like her. Eye contact is perhaps the best thing to use, while having intimate moments with her. She can see the passion you have for her, through your eyes.

Many women prefer to lock eyes with their partners in the bedroom act. This makes the whole affair more passionate. Break the eye contact and she might think that the whole act is just a pleasure for you, without any passion.

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The eye language gets you closer

Eye contacts are a great way to win a woman’s trust, which is required for enjoying a passionate and intimate relationship. Look at her when she speaks to you and she will take you to be a good listener. This is essential for those who are still in the initial phase of a relationship. If you want it to last, learn to speak to her through your eyes.

Frequent eye contacts are a sign that you are getting more and more comfortable with her. If you are able to converse with your eyes, it shows how much you want her. The silence does not remain awkward, as the eyes say what you chose to keep unsaid.

In case you are good at establishing long eye contacts with her, then it shows you are confident. She will know what you feel for her is intense and deep. Confidence is quite essential for enjoying great sex. It will assure her that she will have a good with you.

The power of the copulatory gazes

Long eye contacts are one thing that makes every relationship successful. So whenever you are talking to her and revealing your passion, do gaze into her eyes. Good eye contact will spice your sexual life. It will help you know her better, even when she doesn’t talk about aloud. It tells you if she is happy or sad. She will reveal her true self and this makes her pretty accessible.

Those men, who do not understand the importance of eye contact, have often been termed as one who don’t care and are passionate about their partners. Eye contacts are probably one of the best ways of communicating. It expresses your care and love for her, without even speaking about it.