Prepare Well Before You Leave To Meet Your Date

It’s the first date of your life, and you are quite excited about it. You are not at all happy with your preparation, no matter whatever you take care of. You make a mental note of various things that has to be taken care of before you leave to meet your date.

It’s good to be happy, but too much anticipation can ruin your whole excitement. The best thing to do will be to prepare a checklist that will tell you what has to be done, before you leave to meet your date.

Take Care of Small Things:

The first and foremost thing to do is to choose the right day, where both of you will be comfortable meeting each other. Most of the guys usually find it quite challenging to agree with each other, especially when you have to decide upon a date. If you both are working professionals, then it becomes all the more difficult to fix a date, where you both can meet, without any problem.

Set a reminder so you don’t forget this special day. You might have to take care of many things like hair cut, purchasing new outfit, and many other such things. Last minute preparation can ruin your idea of impressing her the best way. So plan well for this ‘Big Day’, much before you meet her.

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Make a call and remind her of the date, but ensure not to call her quite frequently, as she might change her intention of meeting you. Such a thing will send the wrong message to her. You surely don’t want to spoil the fun of the game, by telling her how desperate you are to meet her. Guys, hold on to your emotions, and wait for the right time, when you want to express your feeling to her.

Choose the Right Place to Visit:

Plan the venue properly and choose one after considering her preferences, after all she is also bothered about her safety and distance. If you are meeting in a crowded restaurant, then make a reservation, well in advance. Take care of such things, especially if you are meeting her on a weekend.

You both wouldn’t want to wait for hours together, to get a place to sit and chat comfortably. By the time, you get a place there are chances that you might be too exhausted to talk. Never ever be late for your first meet, as no woman will like to wait too long. Not at least on the first meeting. She might as well walk away than waiting for you.

If the date-venue is far, then check the best route to reach the place, a day or two prior. In this way you can easily reach the place, avoiding the crowd. You can make her happy by reaching the place at least 15 minutes prior to the schedule time. Take care of your looks, before you meet her.

Check if your hair is done properly, and apply deodorant so that you smell fresh. You can also have a mint, so your breath doesn’t smell bad. Before you leave for the venue to ensure that you have enough cash with you. If you are visiting an expensive restaurant then carry extra cash, as you wouldn’t want to ask her to settle the check.