Know The Difference Between Lust And Love

Love is a wonderful feeling, and every one of us falls in love with someone special. Some people take time to realize this feeling, and others know instantly that they have fallen in for someone. You get attracted towards many beautiful and sexy looking girls, but its only one with whom you feel connected instantly.

Now, many people mix the feelings of attraction and love, may be because they don’t know the real difference. That’s the reason why you might have seen a few of your friends quite often saying that they are in love with every second girl they meet. Lust or attraction is common, and at times it doesn’t last for a long time.

Love Is Sharing

The reverse is the case with love. You want to spend your whole life and share with her all your special moments of life. In some cases, lust develops into interest and attraction, which later on develops into love. The best thing is that there is no rule book for lust and love. You need to know your desires and passion, to differentiate between both the factors.

Lust can be of different types. For instance, you get attracted towards every sexy girl, and in some cases you only want to spend good time with her. There is nothing more that you expect from such a relationship. It can be a strong bond, where you care for her and don’t like to share her friendship with anyone, but it doesn’t go ahead of that.

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Love Is Caring

Again, love completely differs from lust in this aspect. You care for her and want her to be around you always. Love is an attraction, but with a sense of responsibility and commitment. It gives you a sense of satisfaction, which is not possible in lust and attraction. If you assume your lust to be love, then hold on and think if you are doing the right thing.

You love her and find her to be gorgeous, no matter how she is dressed. She is, was, and will always look beautiful and attractive to you.

If you are merely attracted towards her looks and features and nothing more then it’s nothing but lust. It is necessary to understand this difference, as it will help you in taking the relationship ahead accordingly.

You Care for her

When are you in love with her, you would like to be intimate with her, only if she wants to. You wait until she is comfortable to come physically close to you. Lust on the other hand, is an attraction, which involves sex and only sex. If she says no, then you are out looking for another sexy girl.

If you are in love, you want to know everything about her, and don’t mind spending hours together with her. With or without any reason, you are also happy to be with her. This is not the case if you have the feelings of lust. As soon as your purpose is served, you don’t feel like coming closer to her. However, there are chances that you might want to meet her again, unless she has created an urge in you.

Improve Your Skills To Attract Her

It is not at all an easy thing to understand woman and her sexual desires, unless you quite often talk to her. If the relationship is new or you are making an attempt to know her, then there are many things that you need to consider. Some guys find it quite difficult to approach a girl.

Rejection is quite common, and everyone has been once rejected by a girl. A real man will not let his hope down, on being rejected. Instead he will try and try again, until he succeeds. The point here is how soon you learn to cope up with the failures. You need to have a versatile approach in impressing different women, as none of them are same.

Confidence Does Matter:

You are attracted towards a beautiful and sexy girl. The fact is all your friends are also crazy about her. It is natural to become nervous and scared, while approaching and talking to her. There are fair chances that you might be rejected, but that shouldn’t stop you from attracting her attention towards you.

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A beautiful girl is human like you and she also gets excited and emotional as you do. Instead of thinking about the various reasons that can get you rejected, work on uplifting your skills. No matter how you look, she will like you if you are extraordinary and care for her.

Many of them think that women love good looking and rich guys. Well, not all the women. It’s true that she has more dating options than you do. So ask yourself, what special quality do you have that will help you in capturing her attention. Looks do matter, but it will not serve your purpose at all if you lack basic skills to attract her. She observes the way you talk and how you care for her.

Care for them

You might have the most charismatic looks, but if you show casual and non-caring attitude towards women they will not care for you. If this is the kind of personality you have then no women will like to be around you, forget about dating them. They prefer someone with whom they will feel secured, comfortable, and cared. No one will like to be bullied, especially when you hardly know each other.

If you think that by portraying a bad boy’s image you can easily win her heart, then you are completely wrong. There is no logic to this thought at all. She is beautiful, delicate, and sensitive. So, treat her like a princess.

Some of them practice a lot about what to say and how to express their feelings. They also make a list of things that they don’t want to utter in front of them. There are no hard and fast rules for dating. Women expect men to be natural, sensitive, and caring. Pick up lines are always not in your favor, especially if the girl has dating experience.

So, whenever you plan to meet a beautiful girl try to be happy and confident. There is no good day to meet her, rather you need to work on your skills and make every meet a better one.

Improve Your Dating Skills To Impress Her

Earlier men could easily convince a woman for a date with them. However, women have become quite demanding today, and choose to go on a date with guys who interest them a lot. Apart from his looks, she checks on many other things before going out on a date with him.

Women today are quite independent and like to BE with a sensible guy, who will respect her and her thoughts. This means you need to give her enough space and respect her decision. If you are one of those, who love to insist her to go out on a date, then its better you stop this habit. If she has no time to go out with you this week, then it means she is held up. Don’t commit any silly mistake, where she might not want to meet you again.

Make Smart Moves

Instead of trying to impress her, turn the table around and make her crazy for you. She will like your manners and cool attitude, once you start respecting her. Approach her, but don’t bother her. She has her own life, and a lot of other things to concentrate on, rather than thinking of meeting you. She might lose interest in you, if you desperately try to be close to her.

It’s good that you like her and is quite serious about dating her, but don’t ruin the whole fun by overdoing it. She is smart and will understand your intentions too quickly. Rather make slow and gradual movement, and be confident about whatever you do. This way, she will get attracted towards you.

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Follow Simple Things

Do small attractive things that will positively attract her attention towards you. Whenever you are with her, try to be in good spirits and make her smile a lot. She will think about you a lot, especially when you are not around. There are fair chances that she might ask you on a date, the next time you both meet each other.

Give her space, so that she can think about you. If this happens then there are chances that she might miss you a lot and may find some silly reasons to be around you always. If she wants to be your friend then accept it. Slowly and steadily get close to her, and make her understand as to why you are the best option.

Don’t try to enforce your decision on her, as she may not like it. Apart from these basic things try to find out what other men out there do, to win a woman’s heart. Some of them talk good, while others may try various tricks to impress a girl. The best thing is that they do everything with confidence. Instead of cribbing over a rejection, smart men will start working on their mistakes.

During the first date don’t go on talking about your problem, as she is not with you to listen to your problems. Men with charming personality can easily impress their date, without losing their time.

Improve Your Dating Skills And Impress Beautiful Girls

For some guys, dating is not an easy task at all. No matter, whatever they do and how much they work on improving their skills, they still lack confidence. Every girl is different, and it’s quite a challenge to know what topic to pick up, to chat with them. Guys are scared of doing anything wrong that will annoy their date. You might have worked a lot on impressing her, and convinced her to come out on a date with you.

Take Proper Steps:

All the efforts will go in vain, if you mess things on your date. You have to take care of your confidence, proper approach, a perfect smile, and her needs. To manage all these things at the same time needs skills, planning, and confidence. You were successful in impressing her by choosing the perfect venue and have also intimated her about the time. She liked your interest, and is eager to meet you.

In fact you have taken care of all the materialistic things and she is quite happy about it. However, you didn’t think much about the things to do, while you were with her. For instance, you didn’t realize the relevance of choosing the best topic. Unless you are well experienced, you cannot afford to commit such a mistake.

There are few men who believe in preparing for things at the last minute, which is quite risky. Instead, prepare well, and give yourself enough time to relax. If you are not aware of your mistakes and weak aspects in advance, then you might not be able to impress your date. Analyze your weakness and work on them, well in advance. This will minimize your chance of disappointing her on your date.

Meet Her Expectations:

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She might have high expectations from you, so don’t let her down. Girls love men, who are physically and mentally strong, and you cannot afford to annoy them by showing your incapability and weakness. What do you think her reaction will be, if you bring up a topic about your ex or the previous date?

The worst is, if you pass on some cheap comments on your previous date. Well, it be might be true that your last date didn’t work out, as you had expected. She was not of your type, and you could realize this only after meeting her. It’s definitely not your mistake, but don’t ever pass comment on those girls.

Your date, being a girl herself, wouldn’t like it at all. Well, you didn’t want to pick up this topic, but you did so because you were nervous. It’s a serious mistake, and you realized the same after she parted her way.

Overcome your problem

If your problem is nervousness, then work on it. You need to learn the art of relaxing, as it will stop you from committing any serious or minor mistakes. Girls want to be with you to have a fun time, so it’s your responsibility to take care of it. You can work on developing your social skills, which is possible by interacting with many girls. Such a thing will increase your confidence, which is required to impress your date.

The Conversation Mistakes Which You Just Cannot Afford To Commit

Even confident men, commit silly mistakes while talking to women, they are passionate about. They become extremely cautious, and start repeating the same thing again and again, so as to kill the boredom.

Keep it real

You need to understand the fact that you’re not a hero, who can handle everything quite good. If you think that you can easily allure women, by talking anything then you are wrong. You try too hard to impress a woman, and it doesn’t work at all.

It’s good that you let go of that girl, as she might not be interested in you at all. It makes no sense in begging, pleading, or roaming around her, so that she can notice you.

Keep up that confidence

Men display amazing social skills, whenever they are with their friends. They joke flirt, make fun of each other and enjoy each other’s company. In short, they are never short of words or topics, and every moment with friends is interesting. Things changes drastically, when they talk to a girl, perhaps a potential date.

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They have to try hard to think about a topic, and ensure that they talk something sensible. Men tend to hold back their feelings and use limited words, as they don’t want to hurt their potential date. All these things make the date quite boring and disinteresting. Guys don’t restrict yourself, as it will show that you are less confident.

Sound interesting, not official

Men do not want to spoil to be always close to the women they like. This is the reason, why they end up the conversation too soon. Sometimes they prefer to pick a serious and non-interesting topic, just to reveal their knowledge.

They fear of cracking jokes and don’t want to tease or flirt with them. Such feelings are quite natural, so try to relax and remain composed. Don’t plunge on to questions like ‘what is your age’, ‘what profession are you in’, ‘what college did you attend’ ‘who all are there in your family’, etc make the conversation sound like a job interview.

The key to have a good conversation with a girl is to keep it simple and humorous. Guys don’t try to be too much reserved, as women don’t like it.

Other than that, here are some major Dos and DONTs which need to be taken care of.

  • Look at her when you talk to her. Eye contact is a must
  • Do not try to be what you are not. Be yourself.
  • Do not be too personal or too distant. Maintain a balance
  • If you have a sense of humor, show it off
  • Try your best to avoid the ‘awkward silence’ phase
  • Don’t speak too much or too little, let the conversation be two sided.

Remember having a good conversation is no rocket science. Women would love to see your funny and entertaining side. No lady would like to date an emotionless, dull man who is incapable of making her laugh. Make sure she has a good time with you. Do not be afraid of sounding silly, it is way too better than sounding uninteresting.

Try Flirty Games To Get The Girls Attention You Are Looking For

Knowing how to be flirty with females is one of the key prowesses in any alpha male’s seduction toolbox. Flirting is an art in which you convey the message to a woman or girl that you are interested. When it comes to triggering women, some weird and strange flirting games can be quite helpful. Night clubs and party spots are perfect places where you can meet single girls looking for fun. Now you can play your flirting games and see how good you are.

Simple flirting techniques:

Approach a girl, about whom you are confident of alluring and impressing. Begin with a simple game of flirt, where you can easily attract her attention towards you. Don’t give a desperate look, as she will easily know it. Such a move will take her away from you, instead of getting close to you.

Smartly hold her hands, as if you are reading her hands. If she asks what’s going on, reply her with a smile on your face that she has a long life. This formula will certainly bring a smile on anyone’s life. You will not only make her smile, but happy as well. She might be slightly interested in you.

In order to add fun to the game you can suddenly leave her hand and say that she will not be able to hear about her future. She will surely insist you and force you to tell her about her future. You can break the suspense by telling her that you were joking.

Matchmaker: Tease your love

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You can try another tease game on the girl whom you like the most and it’s the matchmaker. In the club or bar, pick two men who you think not very attractive and low on confidence. In order to let her know that you don’t care for her, you can ask her if given an opportunity whom she will like to marry. She will be surprised by this question, and will understand that you are quite different from other men, whom she has met till now.

She might like the fun part of your personality. Girls love men who make fun and make others laugh a lot. This is the best way to tease and flirty with the girl whom you secretly adore and like.

Pickup-line games:

Another way to start an interesting conversation with the girl whom you are interested in, is by talking about the funny guys who try to impress girls with pick-up lines. You can motivate her to also reveal her experience, in case she had any. She will happy to share some of her funny moments with you and relive all those moments again.

You can talk about:

  • Start a conversation about the boys that have tried to impress the girl with funny lines
  • Wired things boys have said to attract girls
  • Strange and interesting stories that she remembers

Girls like to talk a lot, and share their experiences with others. once she is comfortable with you, things become quite easy for you to flirt with her.

Charm Your Way On Getting A Date With The Perfect Girl

It’s a dream of every guy to date girls who are smart, witty and intelligent. It actually soothes your ego when you see your colleagues or friends complimenting your girl and wishing they were as lucky as you. It is not hard to get a date with smart and intelligent women provided you know how to push the right buttons while dating her.

Conversing with Sexy and Smart Women

You need to be very tactful when you approach smart women. Bear in mind she is intelligent and will catch you quickly if you lie to her or shower her with fake compliments. Begin by striking intellectual conversations with her, so that she knows that you value her opinions.

Intelligent women love to be challenged and sparring with her about current affairs, or about debatable topic is a mind blowing experience in itself. She will be inquisitive and curious to know your approach on certain topics and will want to understand you more.

Bear in mind to keep the conversation interesting. Add a little humor and flirting into the conversation so that she does not feel that you are boring. Be confident about things and do not let your ego get in the way. If you are clueless about certain things, be honest with her.

Stay Away From Cheesy or Poor Pickup Lines

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Women hate it when men come up with fake or common pick up lines. No women gets impressed with this, rather you will leave her with a poor impression about yourself. Try being yourself and go along with the wonderful company you have.

Work on your personality and try to be the type of guy she dreams about. Understand her and support her by giving her advice on certain things. Listen to what she has to say rather than just getting your point across.

Make her feel like a woman and cherish her. She will sure to melt with your actions. Instead of complimenting her on her looks, tell her that she is smart and has a great sense of humor. Make direct eye contact while you say such things, showing her that what you are saying is true.

Appearance Do Matter

Yes, that’s right. Appearance does matter when it comes to dating people. You need to have the persona to attract woman. If you are an introvert, you need to hang out in the right places and meet new people. If one date does not work out, it is not the end of the world. There are thousands of women you can choose from.

Appear smart and dress according to the occasion. If you are meeting your date in a good restaurant, purchase something casual yet smart so that you make the right impression with her. All in all just have fun and things will start following in place.

Do not hesitate or stumble at words. If you do not know how to answer the questions thrown your way, you can flash your charming smile or just be quite and divert the topic smartly.

First Date Safe Topics To Talk On

First dates can often leave you in a fix. It is a very awkward moment for both of you as you have no clue on how to break the ice between you both. The main objective in first dates is to make a good impression on one another and not to look like a fool and embarrass yourself in front of her.

Broaching the Topic of a Date with Anyone

You meet someone you like and want to get to know her better. There is always a fear of rejection from the opposite party at the back of your mind, which prevents you from approaching the person and striking a conversation with her.

After all the weeks of waiting and struggling, you finally manage to build up your confidence and go up to her and strike a conversation. You know that you like her, but how do you know that she feels the same way about you. Here is where you might need to test the waters by buying gifts or discussing romantic stuff and see whether she is comfortable or not.

Safe Topics to Discuss on First Dates

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Many people might actually mess up on their first dates. They might start asking random question which might be too personal and offend their dates. So what exactly can you talk about on the first date? The below tips might prove to be useful.

First and foremost you might need to set the venue for your first date. Choose a place that is nice and comfortable for both of you. Setting a date in a club can be too loud. A nice restaurant or a park is a good option if you want to get to know each other properly.

When she is comfortable in your company, asks her about herself, her likes or dislikes, what is her dream job, anything that revolves around herself. Put in some witty and humorous comment so that you do not come across as boring to her.

You can even ask her about her past dates, provided you do not go deeper into the conversation like whether she still carries the torch for her ex. You can ask about funny past experiences with dates or whether she had gone on blind dates that had resulted in some funny experience.

Topics to Stir Away From

Stir away from topics that might have difference in opinions. Topics such as religion, politics or any such debate topics can make the date more depressing. Try to inject some humor into the conversation, so that both of you are having a great time.

You need not have to prepare and come for your date. Try to be yourself and the rest will all fall into place. Your primary focus is to have a good time with her and get to know more about herself. Compliment her on her looks, her clothes and flirt with her. This will give her the confidence to open up with you and make the date a huge success and a memorable experience for both of you.

Making Her Think Of You More Than A Friend

This can be very depressing or embarrassing for guys when the girl they love treat them as “just friends”. You cannot tell her how you feel for you are afraid that she might stop talking with you and you cannot even keep quiet. In this article we will talk on how to get out of your comfort zone and make her reciprocate the feelings you have for her.

Build Confidence and Change Your Outlook towards Her

If you are an introvert and are acknowledged as a shy or quiet person, it is high time that you mingle with other people and come out of your shell. She needs to see you as a lovable and fun loving guy, which can only be accomplished if you change certain qualities in you.

Be confident and maintain eye contact when you speak to her about your feelings. Compliment her and add a little flirting into the conversation. Be honest about your feelings and let her know in clear terms that you no longer want to be in her friend list, but want more from her.

Try to become popular in her friend circle so that her best friends speak in favor of you if she hesitates to jump into a relationship with you. Bear in mind to give her space and not to pester her. Be patient and show her how much you love and care for her.

Intimate Conversation and Touching

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No friend in their right mind will ever try to talk or imagine intimate things about one another if they do not share the same feelings. This is where you might have to play your cards right. Touch her or hug her as often as possible. Intertwine your fingers with her and if you are brave enough you can even plant a kiss on her cheeks.

Your little intimate actions will get the point across to her that you want more than friendship with her. Whenever you talk about anything sexual show her bedroom eyes or wink at her to tell her about the things you wish to do with her.

Try to understand her by studying her body language. Gestures and signs can tell a lot of what the person feels for you. If she is comfortable in your company, she will not mind the sex talk and might even laugh at your statements.

Invoking the Feelings of Love in Her

Women are very inquisitive in nature. This is the one thing that you can take full advantage of. If you are adventurous or creative in nature, show her your wild or soft style. Take her out on an adventurous trip so that she can see you in your natural element.

Come out of your friendship zone and be the guy she wants you to be. She might have thought about her ideal guy and the qualities she is looking out in a partner. Try to imbibe those qualities in you and very soon she might have a different perception about you.

Potential Places To Meet Singles During Day Time

What we usually think is that singles gather together and have great time during night time. Not necessarily. You can meet interesting dates, even during day time. There are different places that are ideal for meeting singles like you. For sure night clubs and bars are some of the common places, but you can visit them at night.

Finding singles during day time is not a task at all. Think smart, so that you can meet interesting people like you.

Some of the places are as follows –

At gyms:

A gym is a great place, where you can meet and interact with lots of singles. Some people like to visit gym early in the morning, before they start with their regular task. If you meet someone interesting and beautiful, then smile at her, whenever she passes by you. Also a casual ‘hi’ can create magic.

Don’t get disappointed if she doesn’t reply you. There are chances she might be busy listening to her favorite music on the I-pod. In this case, maintain strong eye contact and smile when she looks at you.

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A dog park:

Of course, you can also find singles at the dog parks. If you are lucky, then you might even come across a girl who is searching for a good companion. Dog Parks make a great place for starting conversations with interested singles, because talking about other people’s pets is not considered as impolite or unnatural. For example, you can ask about her dog’s breed, what she feeds it, pet products she uses, etc.

At a grocery store:

This is another common place where you will be able to meet girls who are looking for guys. Also, when you look at the items in a girl’s shopping cart, you will be able to judge if she is single or not. For instance, you can know see if it has men’s products like shaving cream, face wash, or something like that. If you do not find any such products in her cart, then you can simply start a talk. You can ask her about some product, or just mention something about that store.

At banks:

The idea of meeting a single in a bank sounds quite remote, but in reality it is not. Many people visit bank for various purpose. No doubt, internet banking saves you time and money, but visiting banks once a while will be surely a good idea. It gives you opportunity to meet singles and interact with them.

At coffees shop:

Coffee shop is the best place to relax by sipping your favorite coffee. You can visit the place at any time of the day, without any hassle. if you find a beautiful girl sitting alone, then make a smart move and interact with her. You can flirt with her, once she is comfortable with you and your company. Of course you can fix up a coffee date with her, so that you both can know each other well.