Make A Confident Move To Win Her Heart And Love

There is no rule to win your love, and all those who tend to frame one and follow it, remain single throughout their lives. You might refer to some of the dating tips, but don’t try to implement them, unless you are quite confident about them. A single wrong move and you will lose her forever.

Women always look around for men, who can be her best friend. The reason for the same is quite simple. They are quite comfortable with them and don’t have to hesitate to chat with them about anything. It will be the toughest job for the guys, to express your true feelings toward her in such a situation.

Make the Right Move:

You meet this girl, and fall for her. In order to be sure of what you are doing, you take the help of dating tips. You succeed in attracting her towards you. She is quite happy to be around with you and spends maximum time with you. There is no end to your happiness. On ‘The Day’ when you plan to express your love, you get the surprise of your life. She is happy with you as a friend, and nothing more.

Quite frustrating, isn’t it? However, don’t lose your hope. This happens with everyone. It might be too hard to let go of her and you might try to persuade her to understand your love. If she doesn’t, then be smart and look around for someone more special. This time you will have to be careful about not comforting and approaching towards her, as a friend.

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Make Her Feel Special

Women love men, who surprise them, and care and pamper them. However, there is a slight difference between how you do it. You can flirt with her occasionally, as it will let her know about your intention. Be careful, and don’t overdo it, as it might set wrong impression about you in her mind. Instead of knowing you better, she might start avoiding you.

Despite doing all the right things, she is not willing to move ahead in the relationship then try someone else. It’s not easy to accept this fact, for many guys. Instead of wasting your precious time on winning her back, you can look around for someone who is interested in you.

Work on Your Personality:

Your personality and activeness does matter a lot when it comes to attracting beautiful women towards you. Good habit, fit mind and body, and smartness matters a lot. So, if you didn’t pay much attention to such aspect until now, then it’s time to do so. You have the killing looks, and smartness that every woman would look for, but what’s the use if you don’t have confidence.

A confident approach makes a huge difference, when you approach an attractive girl. You can work on improving your personality and confidence. Guys, it’s something that you cannot learn from books or from your friends. You can interact with different people, and observe your approach towards them.

Also, check how they react and respond to you, whenever you talk to them, these small and effective steps will surely help you in winning her heart. Another important thing is socialize as much as possible. You will surely meet someone, who will be interested in you and will like to know more about you.

Simple Things That Will Make Your Date A Success

Some men can impress girls and attract them easily, while others take time. You might wonder, as to what special they do to allure the most beautiful and sexy girls in the area with ease. The answer might seem to be quite complicated, but in fact it is not. Women like men, who are composed and exhibit a challenging attitude.

Through dating tips, you can improve your skills to attract a woman, and make her crazy towards you. It is surely not an easy task, as you need to be smart and have lots of patience in doing so. Guys, ensure that you don’t take too much time to execute the ideas, or else she might just leave.

Execute the Tips

All the tips you read tells you how to attract a girl, but don’t tell you where and how to find her. Well that is something that you need to do. You have a fair chance of meeting someone special in places where you go regularly like church, shopping malls, coffee shops, and hobby classes. So be alert.

The whole idea of meeting a beautiful girl for the first time is to know more about her. This means she has to talk, which is possible only when she trusts you and is comfortable with you. A slightest disturbance can hold back her willingness to talk or know more about you. No matter whatever you do, she will not be comfortable in talking to you about herself.

Plan your Meeting

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So, if you plan to meet her at a place, where she might not be happy or comfortable, then you have already lost the opportunity to win her heart. Similarly, if you give her an option to meet at night, then she might become too conscious.

Instead of weekdays, you can choose to meet her on weekends. This way, you will get enough time to know her better, and you don’t have to rush to the meeting date. Also, weekends are the best time where you can invite her to a beach, bar, or other popular places. She will be happy to accept your invitation. Not only will she enjoy an outdoor meeting, but will be relaxed and will get to know you better.

Be careful about your Moves

Guys don’t make any wrong intimate moves, which will alert her. If you do so, then she will not be interested in knowing you, and your date might fail. Confidence does matter a lot, as it’s your responsibility to comfort her, so you both can have a great time with each other.

All those men, who don’t like spending their nights, and especially weekends alone, can practice to excel in speed date. It is not at all easy, as it sounds. Attracting a woman, without losing any opportunity is indeed a challenging task. However, with confidence and precise timings, you can succeed in attracting a partner for you.

Also, talk to lots of women, as you can correct your mistakes, if any. It will help you in increasing your confidence and will give you a better idea to try something new to attract women.

Prepare Well Before You Leave To Meet Your Date

It’s the first date of your life, and you are quite excited about it. You are not at all happy with your preparation, no matter whatever you take care of. You make a mental note of various things that has to be taken care of before you leave to meet your date.

It’s good to be happy, but too much anticipation can ruin your whole excitement. The best thing to do will be to prepare a checklist that will tell you what has to be done, before you leave to meet your date.

Take Care of Small Things:

The first and foremost thing to do is to choose the right day, where both of you will be comfortable meeting each other. Most of the guys usually find it quite challenging to agree with each other, especially when you have to decide upon a date. If you both are working professionals, then it becomes all the more difficult to fix a date, where you both can meet, without any problem.

Set a reminder so you don’t forget this special day. You might have to take care of many things like hair cut, purchasing new outfit, and many other such things. Last minute preparation can ruin your idea of impressing her the best way. So plan well for this ‘Big Day’, much before you meet her.

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Make a call and remind her of the date, but ensure not to call her quite frequently, as she might change her intention of meeting you. Such a thing will send the wrong message to her. You surely don’t want to spoil the fun of the game, by telling her how desperate you are to meet her. Guys, hold on to your emotions, and wait for the right time, when you want to express your feeling to her.

Choose the Right Place to Visit:

Plan the venue properly and choose one after considering her preferences, after all she is also bothered about her safety and distance. If you are meeting in a crowded restaurant, then make a reservation, well in advance. Take care of such things, especially if you are meeting her on a weekend.

You both wouldn’t want to wait for hours together, to get a place to sit and chat comfortably. By the time, you get a place there are chances that you might be too exhausted to talk. Never ever be late for your first meet, as no woman will like to wait too long. Not at least on the first meeting. She might as well walk away than waiting for you.

If the date-venue is far, then check the best route to reach the place, a day or two prior. In this way you can easily reach the place, avoiding the crowd. You can make her happy by reaching the place at least 15 minutes prior to the schedule time. Take care of your looks, before you meet her.

Check if your hair is done properly, and apply deodorant so that you smell fresh. You can also have a mint, so your breath doesn’t smell bad. Before you leave for the venue to ensure that you have enough cash with you. If you are visiting an expensive restaurant then carry extra cash, as you wouldn’t want to ask her to settle the check.

Plan Her Meeting With Your Parents Well Before

You both have been head over heels in love with each other for years now. It is the time to take the relationship to the next step of marriage. You met her parents and they are quite impressed with you and are proud to have you as their future son-in-law. It’s time for her to meet your parents, and you are scared and excited at the same time.

Until now, you haven’t done anything that your parents are not comfortable with. Marriage is a special moment of your life, and your folks have high expectations from you. However, the point is, where and how to start the process. You certainly want to do the best, as you don’t want anyone to be hurt.

Be Confident:

There are lots of negative thoughts in your mind, and the biggest one of them is being rejected. For many men, introducing their parents to their girlfriend is indeed a tough task. In fact, this job is more challenging than meeting her parents. You have to play the role of a host and ensure that your guest is comfortable and succeed in impressing your parents.

This meeting is quite different than your casual meetings, so make it happen. Many prefer to rehearse the situation, and try to think of all the questions their parents might ask their girlfriend. Relax, as you are not attending a job interview, where you are expected to be super smart to answer the questions asked by the interviewer.

However with simple planning and knowledge, you can help your girlfriend to impress them. This is possible, if your girlfriend has a fair idea about your parents and their preferences. Apart from your parents, also give her a brief idea about the other important members of your family.

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Take Care of their preferences

For instance, your parents love pets, and they have lots at their home, but your girlfriend is scared of them. In such case, ask her not to comment anything negative about the pets, in front of them. Instead smartly avoid giving her opinion about pets, in case they ask her about the same. No harm in expressing your viewpoint, but it’s a risky thing to do, at least in the first meet.

Also, let your parents know a bit about your girlfriend. This will help them to pick up a topic easily and make her comfortable. You can also let them know about her preferences and likings, so they are prepared to meet her and take care of her, when she visits them.

Prepare well in advance

Such things have to be done, a couple of days prior to the date of the meeting. It gives both of them an opportunity to prepare well for the meeting. Your girlfriend doesn’t have to put up with a fake identity, so as to impress your parents. They would like to know everything real about her. Your parents are smart and experienced to understand that she is just putting up an act.

She is nervous, and thus stammers to answer a few of the questions asked by your parents. Don’t try to be a gentleman and start answering their questions on her behalf. Guys, your folks are interested in knowing her, so let her answer. Such a thing will help her to become comfortable with your parents, after some point in time.

How To Leave A Memorable Impact On A Girl After Date?

Although each and every effort made on a date by men is to impress their women, sometimes things may go terribly wrong and they might end up looking like jerks. This behavior could shock your lady love. Thus, you need to make sure that you do not do anything that makes her think otherwise about you. If you’ve succeeded in impressing her, then there are chances that she might give you her mobile number.

However, the process of leaving a memorable impact on a girl is not that easy. One must know the tactics of impressing women to date. Read on to know the tips to make your outing with your date a memorable one.

Do not flirt while being on a date

Flirting is something, which certainly no girls like. They find it very irritating when boys start flirting with them. There are few men, who ask several eerie questions and make the girl uncomfortable. Thus, when you are on your first date, you should stay away from flirting with her. Be decent and polite and try to understand her mind. Read her gestures and expressions, and learn whether she is interested or not. This trick will certainly work, and you will get to know whether she has feelings for you.

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Try to be yourself

There are few men who try to leave some extra impact on the girl while dating, and in the process they over-act. This is certainly not advisable, as you are on a date where you are meeting a stranger. You are looking for your life partner, and thus you should not hide your own personality. Try to be yourself rather than over-acting. Let her know about your liking and disliking, and see if it matches with her liking and disliking. If it does then it is a good sign, and she might be interested in you. Therefore, be yourself when you are meeting a girl.

Make her comfortable and let her speak

You should always give the girl ample time to speak. Girls generally shy away, and if you do not give them a chance to speak, they will not be able to express their feelings. Thus, do not be a dominating character, and allow her speak. When you are giving space to a girl to express her views, she will consider you to be caring. You never know when she will be impressed with your caring nature, and falls in love with you.

There are many other tricks, which can be helpful to leave a memorable impact on a girl while dating her. However, all tricks may not go well with all the girls. You should learn to read the mind and feelings of a girl to a certain extent, while talking to her. This will help you to know her feelings and you can use the tricks as per her feelings. Gestures are a great way of reading her mind. Thus, try to read and understand her gestures to have a memorable and eventful date.

Things You Need To Avoid While Dating A Girl For The First Time

Achieving success in your first date is not an easy job. There are many daunting issues, which individuals face while dating. When a man is dating for the first time, he might commit several mistakes, as he is not aware of the dating strategies. These mistakes can turn off a woman and men consecutively fail in their first date. Therefore, before dating any girl, men must learn about the mistakes that are usually committed, and should avoid them while dating. Read onto to know the mistakes often committed my immature men while dating a girl.

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  • Be her friend: There are few men, who are somber and dull while dating. It is never an ideal way to convince a girl. She needs you to take care of her, and be more like a friend, if you behave like a stranger and a serious man, it might be a big turn off. Thus, it is advisable to be her friend and make her feel that you can take care of her.
  • Don’t be Garrulous: When men are nervous, they start talking a lot. Believe it or not, but it is a bad practice. Talkative men are not preferred by women. However, it does not mean you have to be serious or grim while interacting with her. Make sure that you talk as the situation demands, so that she is comfortable and is not bored to death.
  • Taking her to a grand dinner: If you are thinking of inviting a girl for a dinner date, it wouldn’t be a good idea. Nowadays, most of the women are working, and generally they do not have time to spend for dinner dating. Instead of dinner, they would prefer to hang out with their friends. Thus, make a different plan to meet her.
  • Be Presentable: You must be presentable while you are dating a girl. If you do not have clean nails, she might not accept if you offer her some eatables. If you smell bad, she might hesitate to come closer to you. If your lips are cracked, you might have to miss kissing her, but kissing is never advisable on the first date. Your outfits must be clean and shoes must be polished. Unshaved face can also make her feel uncomfortable. Thus, dress well for your first date.
  • Buying gifts for her: Offering gifts on a first date is not advisable. Sometimes men offer flowers, chocolates and other accessories when they are dating for the first time. Since it is the time you are meeting her, you may not be aware about her liking. She might not like the flower or chocolate you bring for her. Thus, be sure about her liking and disliking and then offer something to her.
  • Do not be an interviewer: Do not ask a lot of questions while on your first date. Instead of that, you can talk about some gossips and can share some funny incidents of your childhood.

If you follow these tips, you can successfully handle your first date.

Topics To Discuss And Avoid On Your First Date

You asked the girl of your interest to go on a date with you, and she agreed. Although you are excited about it, you are a little nervous from the inside. The day has arrived and you are all set to meet her. While on your first day with your love interest, in spite of preparing enough number of times, you are out of words. It could also be because you hardly know the girl with whom you are on a date. Hence, to avoid this situation, find out what kind of conversations you can have and how to deal with the nervousness.

Few precautions you must follow on your first date

  • Concentrate on the girl rather than gazing into your mobile or texting. Keep the gadgets switched off.
  • Never talk about sex when you are meeting her for the first time. Girls never prefer to discuss such things with strangers.
  • Do not interview. Let the conversation happen from both the ends. Give her maximum time, so that she is comfortable to talk to you.
  • Do not discuss about other girls on your first date.
  • Never discuss about religion, politics, past relationships, finances etc. These questions can turn off a woman.

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The above mentioned tips must be followed while planning for your first date. Other than this, the topics or areas on which you can freely chat with the girl are mentioned below-

Try to connect with her on strong emotional ground

Girls are pretty emotional, and it is easy to turn them on through emotional connections. Hence, you can ask her about her aspirations and dreams. What does she want to become? These questions will break the ice, and she might feel interested to share her feelings with you. When she starts sharing her views, you can also add up your dreams and aspirations to extend the conversation.

Discuss about music

Perhaps, there is no one on this earth, who does not like music. Thus, music can be a good topic to discuss with the girl on your first date. Ask who is her favorite singer? Or which song she likes listening the most like jazz, rock or pop? You can tell her about your preferences in music. If you have common likes, then the discussion becomes very easy and smooth.

Other than these topics, you can also share your hobbies with her. Do not give a plain answer such as I have endless hobbies. Give specific replies to her questions. Do not be too serious when you are interacting with the girl. Have fun, and share some relevant and funny jokes with her, which makes her comfortable to talk to you. If the girl is not comfortable, she will avoid you and may pretend to be busy with other works such as texting on mobile, or receiving the phone calls even if the call is not an emergency one. Thus, you need to understand her feelings and work accordingly.

What To Talk To A Woman On The First Date?

Building up a conversation on the first date with your woman can be a nerve-wracking job, especially when you do not know what she thinks about you. Most of the men fail to impress their women as they do not know how to act and what to say. Due to this, frustration builds up and most men give up on the idea of dating. Therefore, it is advisable for all men to gather as much information as they can and practice a couple of techniques to start a healthy conversation.

Dress well to build confidence in you

“First impression is the last impression” is a well said proverb and it fits best when it comes to your first date. Therefore, it is mandatory that you dress well on your first date. Choose the dress, which makes you look smarter and build confidence in you.

  • The dress you wear should be neat and clean.
  • Shoes must be polished.
  • You can spray perfume, but it must not have the pungent smell. You can ask in stores for the best perfume for men, which women generally prefer.
  • You can chew some mouth refreshing gum. So, that you do not have bad breath while you talk to her.

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Stop over-acting when interacting with women

Few men start talking weird when they have nothing to speak. They start passing lame jokes, which are not at all relevant at that point of time. Your jokes become unbearable for women and they will certainly not enjoy your company. Therefore, make sure that you do not try too hard to convince her. Rather be yourself, and try to talk in a normal way as far as possible.

Concentrate on her and flirt with her

When you are on your first date, you should not praise others. She might not like it. This might create a lull in your conversation. You can flirt with her by praising her beauty. However, you must be conscious when you are flirting because over flirting can be dangerous. She might think you to be creepy. You can flirt by praising her dress, makeup, hairstyle etc.

Few topics on which you can talk to women on your first date

To avoid freezing point or lull point in your conversation during your first date, you must be prepared with a relevant topic to speak to her. Pick an interesting subject, so that it is not boring to her. This way, she will enjoy your company. When you are done with the initial greetings and introduction for 10-15 minutes “Hello” “How’re you doing?”, “How was the day” etc., now you can sit down with her for further conversation.

This is the point when you have nothing to talk to her. However, it will be a pretty good idea to start discussing about your common liking and disliking such as your favorite movie, hobbies, music, singers etc. This will surely work for your first date.

She Can See It In Your Eyes – Passionate Eye Contacts

If you think your eyes is a medium to see things only then think over it again. Your eyes also talk. They reveal your feelings and attract people towards you. Eyes can do miracles, which sometimes might not be possible with words.

Make the best use of your eyes, when it comes to dating a beautiful girl. With a confident and strong eye contact you can succeed in impressing your dream girl. Women love men, who can look straight into their eyes, and express their love. Studies have revealed that long eye contacts release a chemical known a phenylethylamine. This chemical attracts woman.

Intimacy and the eye language

Even if you do not speak it out loud, your eyes say it all. They tell her that you like her. Eye contact is perhaps the best thing to use, while having intimate moments with her. She can see the passion you have for her, through your eyes.

Many women prefer to lock eyes with their partners in the bedroom act. This makes the whole affair more passionate. Break the eye contact and she might think that the whole act is just a pleasure for you, without any passion.

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The eye language gets you closer

Eye contacts are a great way to win a woman’s trust, which is required for enjoying a passionate and intimate relationship. Look at her when she speaks to you and she will take you to be a good listener. This is essential for those who are still in the initial phase of a relationship. If you want it to last, learn to speak to her through your eyes.

Frequent eye contacts are a sign that you are getting more and more comfortable with her. If you are able to converse with your eyes, it shows how much you want her. The silence does not remain awkward, as the eyes say what you chose to keep unsaid.

In case you are good at establishing long eye contacts with her, then it shows you are confident. She will know what you feel for her is intense and deep. Confidence is quite essential for enjoying great sex. It will assure her that she will have a good with you.

The power of the copulatory gazes

Long eye contacts are one thing that makes every relationship successful. So whenever you are talking to her and revealing your passion, do gaze into her eyes. Good eye contact will spice your sexual life. It will help you know her better, even when she doesn’t talk about aloud. It tells you if she is happy or sad. She will reveal her true self and this makes her pretty accessible.

Those men, who do not understand the importance of eye contact, have often been termed as one who don’t care and are passionate about their partners. Eye contacts are probably one of the best ways of communicating. It expresses your care and love for her, without even speaking about it.

Maintain Your Long Distance Relationship

You have a friend, who has always been talking high about long distance relationships, and he has taken enough care to keep the excitement on. For you, it’s quite a challenging task to understand how and what he does to manage such a relationship. If you think, such a relationship is too tough to be managed, then you are wrong.

Before you decide to get involved in such a relationship, think about your preferences and likings. If you are always busy and travel a lot for your business purpose, then long distance probably might work for you. The best way to remain connected with her is through online mode or over the phone.

Tell Her How Serious You Are About The Relationship

As it is a long distance relationship, you don’t have an opportunity to meet each other. Thus, it becomes important for you to reveal your feelings towards her, whenever possible. By not doing so you might give her an impression that you are no longer interested in her anymore. Unless you are serious about the relationship, things will never work out for both of you.

At times, it becomes quite a challenging task to maintain trust, which is the key essence for success in every relationship. Despite the distance, it is quite possible to maintain the closeness between both of you. How you do it is completely left to you.

Build In Trust

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You can build in trust only by communicating with her, as frequently as possible. She will understand if you are busy, but don’t avoid talking to her for long. Through such communication you let her know how positive and serious you are about this relationship. When you share with her some of the major incidences of your day, she is happy and will feel always connected to you, irrespective of the fact that you are not close to her.

The best way to keep the spark on in such a relationship is by planning a surprise for her. May be you can send her a bouquet, a card, and may be visit her, when you know she is at home doing nothing. The whole idea is to make her feel special, loved, and cared. It will also help you in improving your long distance relationship, which is a must.

Make Her Feel Special

By doing such things, you make her feel that she is always with you, and you quite often think about you. This is quite necessary as it will help you to do the right things that will keep the romance on in your relationship. As you both are away from each other, there are chances that you might feel unsecured about each other.

You can overcome all the negative thoughts by communicating with each other and building up trust, which will strengthen your bonding towards each other. It’s necessary that you tell her, how much this relationship matters to you, despite the fact that you don’t meet each other too frequently.

Whenever possible, ensure to spend quality time with her, and talk to her. It is a must for every relationship.