World Record For The Biggest Penis

Even as an increasingly big number of men join the race for penis enlargement in recent years, others did not have to move a finger to possess a long and thick schlong. Let’s just say that the heavens were just kind with them – or so I think. It is fascinating to know that a person can have such a big penis that it becomes a topic of discussion across the globe. Let’s have a look at some of the men who have had the pleasure of seeing their penises being discussed all over the Internet.

Ron Jeremy

Each time I read the name “Ron Jeremy,” the only thing that comes to my mind is his tool. Unarguably, his penis has become more famous than he is. Besides being famous for starring more than 2000 adult movies, Ron’s name rose to fame thanks to his 9.75-inch cock. He is among the few world citizens whose names have somehow found their way to the Guinness Book of World Record.

Jonah Falcon

This article will not make any sense if Falcon’s dick is not mentioned. An American writer and actor, Falcon, has been reported to possess the largest penis in the world – measuring 9.5 inches when flaccid, and 13.5 inches when erect (24.13cm and 34.29cm while flaccid and erect respectively).

The gaming blog editor says that he is bisexual. Falcon began to receive media attention after he appeared in an HBO documentary in 1999, in an article in Rolling Stone Magazine, The Daily Show and a documentary by Channel 4 of the UK titled “The World Biggest Penis.” He turned down offers to enter the porn industry, labeling it as only the easy way out which wouldn’t in any way help his legit acting career.

Due to the big bulge in his pants, he was stopped and frisked at the SF Airport by the TSA. Besides passing through the metal detector and the body scanner, his dick had to be passed through additional screening before being released.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera

Since September 2015, the Super packaged 52-year-old Roberto Cabrera has been making headlines. He claims to have the largest penis in the world. To prove that his manhood is real, Roberto put it on the weighing scale, and it weighed at 2.2lbs – almost a kilo. His penis measures 18.9 inches when erect. He wants the Guinness Book of World Records to recognise his wondrous gift.

Unfortunately, he does not consider his manhood as a blessing, explaining why he sees it as a disability. Apparently, his massive penis incapacitates him, and he cannot maintain a proper job. He underwent a medical examination to confirm to anyone who doubts that his robust penis is real. The doctors at Saltillo City, Coahuila has since confirmed that the penis is genuine – based on a 3D scan. However, a doctor said that the main part of Roberto’s dick is slightly over 6 inches in length, and the other part is just extra skin.

For Roberto, his penis is a catastrophe. Besides surviving on social assistance and scavenging food from waste dumps, he lives alone and has no friends. He says that people shun him everywhere he goes. His unusually large manhood does not give him luck when it comes to the ladies as they are afraid of having sex with him.




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