Why Women Prefer A Large Penis – Psychological Pleasures – Visual Excitement

A research report published in the Journal of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, a group of researchers led by Brian Mautz, shows the response of women (105 young women) when they were asked to rate males’ attractiveness.

The researchers included those from Australian National University and Monash University. They asked the research participants to view video clips of computer-produced pictures of naked men with different heights, body shape, and flaccid penis size. Other qualities such as hair and facial attractiveness did not come into play. The participants were requested to rate all the images on a scale of 1 to 7 on their overall sexual attractiveness, instead of evaluating individual characteristics.

The research findings suggested that the penis size had a greater influence on the males’ attractiveness if the model was tall. It goes to show that the element of proportion might have been a critical factor in determining how appealing the models appeared to the young women. Apparently, changes in penis size cause a bigger effect for the taller guys compared to the effect it has on other heights as explained by Mautz. Perhaps this can be blamed on the fact that penis sizes were smaller when considered with respect to the height of a taller model.

From this study, it is evident that the female population has a balancing scale when it comes to attractiveness. It also shows that the penis size is as equally attractive as the height of a man is.

The attractiveness of a man, as seen through the eye of a woman, impacts the extent to which she is sexually aroused when she sees the penis. Just like men, women are also curious. Even though the majority of women claim that size does not matter and that what is important is the performance in the bedroom, there is a clear indication that women prefer bigger dicks to smaller ones – when all is said and done. This revelation gives adequately–endowed men an upper hand.

However, why do women find men with bigger penises more attractive compared to those with smaller ones? It has something to do with the amount of sexual pleasure she expects to receive during sex. In the eyes of a woman, a large cock looks a lot better relative to a small one. You may want to equate this with the manner in which men view women with big and firm breasts, as well as butts.

The difference is; unlike men whose attraction to breasts and butts is purely based on appearance, the preference of bigger dicks by women extends beyond visual excitement, even though visual excitement is equally important for a woman. The sight of a huge manhood is enough to make a woman desire sex with the bearer of that tool. A big penis makes a woman want to achieve orgasms after orgasms.

Besides the visual excitement and psychological pleasure caused by a big penis, any woman will tell you that such a dick gives sweeter and much more enjoyable sexual experience than with a small dick.


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