Top 5 Methods Mistakenly Used To Estimate Penis Size

Since time immemorial, the society has been obsessed with among many other things, sex. For the majority of people, sex is like food. How it happens and the amount of sexual pleasure experienced is of utmost importance. You must have heard of a female partner who cheated on her husband or boyfriend because he was not the kind of lover he had dreamt of. Unfortunately, the personality and masculinity of a man are judged based on the size of his penis. As such, several myths and misconceptions have been floating around with regards to the determination of the size of someone’s penis. These methods are unorthodox, to say the least, and shouldn’t be relied upon when determining the penis size.

Let us look at some of these methods:

Shoe size number

It has been said that men who wear big size shoes have corresponding bigger penises compared to those who wear small sizes. A research study conducted in 2002 at the university College London revealed the absence of a correlation between shoe size and penis size. The research involved measuring the penis size and shoe size of 100 men. Since there is no scientific support for this myth, you might as well as want to forget about the whole idea of a man’s shoe size acting as a predictor of how endowed a man is.


Just like the shoe size, enough has been said about tall men having a long penis, with their short counterparts said to possess tiny dicks. As it turns out, the public is ill-informed as there is no truth in such speculations. A group of researchers from the University of Alberta conducted a study to determine the relationship between height and penis size and the results were similar to those of studies conducted to establish if one can predict penis size using shoe size or foot length. They measured the shoe size, height, as well as the penis length of 63 men. They concluded that height and shoe size are not useful predictors of penis size.


The findings of research carried out by Ulster University’s professor of psychology, Richard Lynn were published in the Digital Journal. In his conclusions, he places the Democratic Republic of Congo top on the list of men with big average penis sizes measuring 7.1 inches. The average penis size for the entire African continent is 6.3 inches. On the medium side, Icelander’s measure 6.5 inches, and the Germans 5.7 inches.

North Korea and South Korea closed the list with an average penis length of 3.8 inches. In general, the north-east Asians measured the lowest at 4.2 inches. Flynn’s findings have received heavy criticisms arising from the fact that he gathered the penis sizes used in his research over the Internet. Well, supposing we agree to these results, it still does not mean that all men from Africa have big penises. On the same note, it would be wrong to believe that all men from Asia have small penises.

Size of the bulge

Never guess a man’s penis size based on the size of his bulge. For we care, his pants could be having a too high inseam which consequently creates a false bulge. Also, it could be his balls that have caused the swollen bulge, rather than his penis shaft. His bathing suit can also give you a misrepresented impression of his penis size due to potential shrinkages.

Pitch voice

Don’t get it twisted; his deep or high-pitched voice has nothing to do with his penis length. So, the next time you spot a man with the deepest voice; don’t immediately assume that he is well-packaged. Also, never dismiss a guy for having a high-pitched voice just because you have instantly concluded that he has the tiniest penis on earth.

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