Tips And Tricks For Wearing A Penis Extender In Public

Does a penis extender work? The answer to this question is a resounding yes irrespective of the nature of the results you are looking for – say, temporary, or permanent. As such, this is not something that we are going to discuss here. Our main focus today is to establish the most convenient way to wear a penis extender when it comes to privacy. Of course, the last thing a man wants is for other people (members of the public) to know that he is using a penis extender.

We all want to keep the entire process as confidential as possible – it is the only way we can have the most peace – lest a colleague at work makes you an object of ridicule. We must confess that some of the people surrounding us are not the best. The majority of them are always looking for a way to put us down in the eyes of everyone. Some people can just be so mean, and there is nothing much we can do to change them. For this reason, the last thing you want to imagine is such people finding out about your penis enlargement journey.

That said, we must appreciate the fact that, due to their size (they are relatively big compared to where they are worn), penis extenders are better worn when someone is staying home – or after work. In the privacy of your home, nobody can ever find out that you are using a penis extender to enlarge your penis. Besides, you can wear it during your relaxation time and perhaps read your favorite book, or watch your favorite TV program or movies. If you can carry work home, you may take advantage of the penis extender sessions and get that work done. A home environment gives you the most appropriate atmosphere to wear your penis extender for the stipulated number of hours or minutes.

Now, what if you never have this “home” time? You go to the office or work on a daily basis, and still, want to reap maximum benefits from your penis extender. Well, you must establish various tricks and tips for wearing it in public without anyone suspecting. The very first thing that you need to do is to keep away your tight pants, and invest in loose ones – say a size bigger. This way, you can wear a penis extender, go to work with it, get things done in the office, and when the recommended timeline is over, you remove it.

Apart from the slightly loose pants, you may also want to consider making your coats or jackets a little lengthier than what you usually wear. If you do not know how to do without ruining your fashion statement, consider engaging a fashion designer. He or she will come in handy. The objective is to play around with slightly bigger outfits – and still, maintain that incredible look. You do not necessarily have to wear the extender at home, especially if you normally use public transport means to work. How about carrying the penis extender in your bag, and then look for a private area, such as the gents, to wear the extender? A good number of people go through the penis enlargement journey successfully by doing so.

As you can see, if the other PE methods are not your cup of tea, you can still wear your penis extender in public, and no one will ever guess that you are up to something.

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