Penis Extender – Pleasure Device Or Essential Medical Treatment?

The penis extender is among the most popular method of enhancing the male member. It is mostly known for its ability to increase the cock – both temporarily and permanently. It works by boosting the amount of blood flowing to the genital area, and in turn, causing not only stronger and longer lasting erections, but also increasing the penile length. Worn under the pants, penis extenders are best used when someone is relaxing in the privacy of his home. However, individuals who cannot afford the luxury of staying at home are usually encouraged to determine effective ways of wearing the extenders in public while at the same time ensuring as much privacy as possible.

Besides its well-known benefits of promoting a larger manhood, the penis extender is also considered an essential tool for correcting sexual health problems such as Peyronie’s disease. Mayo Clinic argues that the cause of Peyronie’s disease is hugely unknown. However, some medical professionals believe that the condition occurs following a penis trauma such as hitting or bending of the penis. The National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Clearinghouse suggest that, in as much as injury may be the cause of this condition, it might as well happen in the absence of a traumatic event.

Health Line defines Peyronie’s disease as a type of erectile dysfunction capable of making erections painful. As already stated the condition may be caused by traumatic incidences such as hitting or bending. Such instances may cause bleeding as well as a buildup of the scar tissue. Some people attest to feeling the scar tissue through the penis skin. The formation of plaque happens on the upper side of the male member, even though it may also develop on the side or bottom part.

The use of a traction device to treat Peyronie’s disease offers a nonsurgical approach. A penile extender is normally used to straighten the penis through what is commonly referred to as traction therapy. Should you choose to use this treatment option, you must be willing to wear the penile extender every day for a specified number of months. This treatment is based on the fact that the tension arising from stretching the penis may cause a reduction in the penile curvature.

Penis extenders are made up of a plastic ring designed to fit around the penis head. The ring is then attached to two movable metal rods running down the sides of the male member. The function of the roads is to apply tension upward by putting pressure on the plastic support resting against the body. Traction therapy may be used alongside other types of therapies such as oral medications and injectables.

While penis extenders are said to be safe and effective, users are warned against buying faulty or poor quality devices. Besides being ineffective, they are considered extremely dangerous. Conduct a thorough background check on a product and the manufacturer before committing your hard earned money. While the wide variety of penile extenders may be confusing, it also gives you an opportunity to find exactly what you want. The latest devices have additional features that guarantee better and faster results, as well as the highest level of comfort.

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