Why Women Prefer A Large Penis – Psychological Pleasures – Visual Excitement

A research report published in the Journal of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, a group of researchers led by Brian Mautz, shows the response of women (105 young women) when they were asked to rate males’ attractiveness.

The researchers included those from Australian National University and Monash University. They asked the research participants to view video clips of computer-produced pictures of naked men with different heights, body shape, and flaccid penis size. Other qualities such as hair and facial attractiveness did not come into play. The participants were requested to rate all the images on a scale of 1 to 7 on their overall sexual attractiveness, instead of evaluating individual characteristics.

The research findings suggested that the penis size had a greater influence on the males’ attractiveness if the model was tall. It goes to show that the element of proportion might have been a critical factor in determining how appealing the models appeared to the young women. Apparently, changes in penis size cause a bigger effect for the taller guys compared to the effect it has on other heights as explained by Mautz. Perhaps this can be blamed on the fact that penis sizes were smaller when considered with respect to the height of a taller model.

From this study, it is evident that the female population has a balancing scale when it comes to attractiveness. It also shows that the penis size is as equally attractive as the height of a man is.

The attractiveness of a man, as seen through the eye of a woman, impacts the extent to which she is sexually aroused when she sees the penis. Just like men, women are also curious. Even though the majority of women claim that size does not matter and that what is important is the performance in the bedroom, there is a clear indication that women prefer bigger dicks to smaller ones – when all is said and done. This revelation gives adequately–endowed men an upper hand.

However, why do women find men with bigger penises more attractive compared to those with smaller ones? It has something to do with the amount of sexual pleasure she expects to receive during sex. In the eyes of a woman, a large cock looks a lot better relative to a small one. You may want to equate this with the manner in which men view women with big and firm breasts, as well as butts.

The difference is; unlike men whose attraction to breasts and butts is purely based on appearance, the preference of bigger dicks by women extends beyond visual excitement, even though visual excitement is equally important for a woman. The sight of a huge manhood is enough to make a woman desire sex with the bearer of that tool. A big penis makes a woman want to achieve orgasms after orgasms.

Besides the visual excitement and psychological pleasure caused by a big penis, any woman will tell you that such a dick gives sweeter and much more enjoyable sexual experience than with a small dick.


How Do Small Penis Occur?

One of the worst insecurities that many men have to deal with has to do with the size of their members. Even those with average sizes constantly wonder where they measure when compared to other men. While much information is available on how to enlarge the dick, shallow details are provided on how small penises occur. Here, we dig deep, to establish how a person finds himself with a small cock.

Right from conception

Forgive me for bursting your bubble, but I have to say it anyway. As far as penis size is concerned, your die was cast the moment you were born. It has a lot to do with genetics. A baby boy inherits his genes from his mother and father. If your parents’ lineage comprise of men with big penises, most probably, you have a big penis – and vice versa is true.

Think of your DNA as a blueprint containing the specifications of the size of your penis. During the critical growth stages of your life, your body manages to grow your manhood to the specifications encoded in your DNA. Upon reaching the goal specified in the blueprint, penis growth stops. Your penis measurement at that point is the extent to which the natural process of growth could permit.

However, the issue of genetics is not all there is to it. Other factors come into play as well – like diet and environmental components. You may already have heard or read about penis size friendly foods. The nutritional value of the food given to young boys and even adults partly dictates how much your penis experiences growth. Of course, poor diet leads to small penises. Until a boy is old enough, say 21 years and above, when we are almost sure that the natural penis growth has stopped, he should not be introduced to penis enlargement.

As an adult

Surprisingly, some men who have small penises today might have experienced a completely different scenario when they were young. As an adult, you can suffer from penis shrinkage for various reasons. The stubborn belly fat that accumulates over time is one of the nightmares that cause penis shrinkage. That belly fat has swallowed a significant portion of your penile shaft. As such, you need to find a way to get rid of it, starting now. Devise an appropriate exercise regimen with the potential to get you a flat tummy.

Another factor blamed on penis shrinkage is bad lifestyle habits such as excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoking. The latter reduces the amount of blood flowing to the penis and consequently causing penis shrinkage. The majority of habitual smokers will even complain of impotence or weak erections. Unfortunately, cigarette smoking can make you lose up to two inches of your penis.

Lastly, watch your diet. Eat penis friendly foods such as broccoli, salmon, berries, watermelon, bananas and onions among many others. You are what you eat, and this also defines your penis size. Also, apart from the regular body exercises, you may want to consider engaging in natural penis exercises regularly. They go a long way in ensuring that your schlong is not only healthy but also optimally functional.

Top Reasons Why Penis Enlargement Improves Men

A man who has successfully undergone penis enlargement is a happier man. You should see one actually to confirm these claims. It is usually like something magical has happened to him. His life experiences a turnaround, and from that moment onwards, his life never becomes the same again. And so, one may wonder; how is it that penis enlargement improves a man? There are good reasons. Perhaps they should encourage you to pursue PE if you have been postponing it for the longest time now.

A successful penis enlargement program translates to heightened confidence levels

Think of a man who had suffered from the locker room syndrome since his days in high school. Imagine what this must have done to his self-confidence. It must have been a hideous scenario which had not only impacted his confidence but also other areas of his life such as career and relationships.

Now, think of the same man with a bigger penis. A man who does not have to hide his dick while in the locker room with fellow men. Picture a person who does not feel insecure or inferior due to his small penis size. Undoubtedly, such a man has his self-esteem and confidence levels going beyond the roof. What would stop him from conquering the world?

Restoration of masculinity pride

Unfortunately, the society judges a person’s masculinity based on the size of his manhood. Woe unto you if you are not adequately packaged, and worse, the women get to know about it. You become a subject of ridicule even though they never say it to your face. You will go out with a woman once, or severally, and then all over sudden she does not want to be with you. Unlike men, women talk about their sexual encounters with their friends. Imagine a situation where they have met over a coffee date and your wiener is the primary topic of discussion. It is so damn humiliating.

Thankfully, something can be done to change the directions of such conversations – penis enlargement. With a bigger dick, the society views you as more masculine than before as the women you have sexual escapades with will tell their female friends about how big you are. With your masculinity restored, or even bigger, you can walk anywhere with your shoulders held high.

Improved relationships

Research studies have revealed that men with small dicks are afraid of engaging in serious relationships with women. This is mainly because they are afraid of letting their inadequacies known to the rest of the world – considering how open women are to their friends in matters sex. Should a man with a small cock decide to enter into a relationship, he hardly gives his all as there is always something that holds him back.

He is never fully committed to a relationship because he is unsure of its continuity. I needn’t mention that his performance in the bedroom is mostly wanting due to low confidence. Thankfully, with a bigger penis, the confidence is boosted significantly, and he becomes happier in a relationship. It is becomes easier for him to give a relationship his all.


These are some of the top reasons why penis enlargement brings notable improvement in a man’s life.

World Record For The Biggest Penis

Even as an increasingly big number of men join the race for penis enlargement in recent years, others did not have to move a finger to possess a long and thick schlong. Let’s just say that the heavens were just kind with them – or so I think. It is fascinating to know that a person can have such a big penis that it becomes a topic of discussion across the globe. Let’s have a look at some of the men who have had the pleasure of seeing their penises being discussed all over the Internet.

Ron Jeremy

Each time I read the name “Ron Jeremy,” the only thing that comes to my mind is his tool. Unarguably, his penis has become more famous than he is. Besides being famous for starring more than 2000 adult movies, Ron’s name rose to fame thanks to his 9.75-inch cock. He is among the few world citizens whose names have somehow found their way to the Guinness Book of World Record.

Jonah Falcon

This article will not make any sense if Falcon’s dick is not mentioned. An American writer and actor, Falcon, has been reported to possess the largest penis in the world – measuring 9.5 inches when flaccid, and 13.5 inches when erect (24.13cm and 34.29cm while flaccid and erect respectively).

The gaming blog editor says that he is bisexual. Falcon began to receive media attention after he appeared in an HBO documentary in 1999, in an article in Rolling Stone Magazine, The Daily Show and a documentary by Channel 4 of the UK titled “The World Biggest Penis.” He turned down offers to enter the porn industry, labeling it as only the easy way out which wouldn’t in any way help his legit acting career.

Due to the big bulge in his pants, he was stopped and frisked at the SF Airport by the TSA. Besides passing through the metal detector and the body scanner, his dick had to be passed through additional screening before being released.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera

Since September 2015, the Super packaged 52-year-old Roberto Cabrera has been making headlines. He claims to have the largest penis in the world. To prove that his manhood is real, Roberto put it on the weighing scale, and it weighed at 2.2lbs – almost a kilo. His penis measures 18.9 inches when erect. He wants the Guinness Book of World Records to recognise his wondrous gift.

Unfortunately, he does not consider his manhood as a blessing, explaining why he sees it as a disability. Apparently, his massive penis incapacitates him, and he cannot maintain a proper job. He underwent a medical examination to confirm to anyone who doubts that his robust penis is real. The doctors at Saltillo City, Coahuila has since confirmed that the penis is genuine – based on a 3D scan. However, a doctor said that the main part of Roberto’s dick is slightly over 6 inches in length, and the other part is just extra skin.

For Roberto, his penis is a catastrophe. Besides surviving on social assistance and scavenging food from waste dumps, he lives alone and has no friends. He says that people shun him everywhere he goes. His unusually large manhood does not give him luck when it comes to the ladies as they are afraid of having sex with him.




Natural Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Men are increasingly resorting to the different methods of penis enlargement to take care of their apparent inadequacies. The fact that the industry is more aggressive than it has ever been is not making things any easier. All over sudden, more men have gained the conviction that there isn’t another way around it, apart from having their male members enlarged.

Of course, men have endless options at their disposal to boost their self-confidence levels – besides penis enlargement. Let’s explore them:

Choose happiness

Unknown to many people, humans bear the potential to direct their lives however they want. It is always a matter of choices. Life presents to us many options, as far as every circumstance is concerned, and we only need to decide the path we wish to follow. One of the things that men should choose is to lead a happy, rich and fulfilling life.

You needn’t have everything you want to be happy. More often, it calls for our ability to show resilience and be content with whatever the heavens gave to us. It begins with personal acceptance of who we are, and what we have. The moment this happens, it becomes a turn around point, and your life will never be the same again.

Change your social circle

Believe it or not, your friends are a reflection of who you are. They are an image of what you believe in, your attitude, and your perceptions. If you have self-confidence issues, it is probably because your friends or the people you surround yourself with have a similar problem. If you wish to boost your confidence levels naturally, you need to make the tough decision of kissing them goodbye.

Continued association with them Will bring you more problems than you have ever imagined. Surround yourself with positive people; individuals filled with energy and enthusiasm that can move a mountain. Men and women who judge a person’s masculinity, or femininity not based on the size or power of their reproductive organs. These are individuals who discuss ideas and believe in the beauty of love. Soon enough, you will not have to worry about your penis size.

Determine your passion

Every man (or woman) who wants to succeed must identify something that keeps him motivated at all times. This is the one thing that drives you to succeed. It should be something that motivates you enough to sleep late, and wake up, very early in the morning. Aspire to bring real change to your life, and to the society. Shift your attention from your penis size, and focus on other important things in life. You may not believe it now, but in a couple of months, you will believe it more than I do.

Dare to dream again

When was the last time you dared to dream so big that it scared you? Years? Months? Or weeks? Did you follow up on your dream? What happened? Did you see your dream to the end? If yes, congrats, and it is time you identified another dream. One accomplished goal makes you a more confident man. Imagine the impact of subsequent achievements- one after the other. The effect is just magical.

Lead a healthy lifestyle

A healthy person is a happy person. Begin by quitting poor lifestyle habits such as cigarette smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol. It will result in a healthier, and happier you. If you have not been exercising, there isn’t a better time than now. You needn’t necessarily go to the gym, especially if you are careful on your financial spending. It could be a morning jog or run or self-guided exercises from the comfort of your home.  Eating right also goes a long way in boosting your confidence naturally. Stay clear of junk and fast foods, and instead, feed on a balanced diet. It might be difficult at the beginning, but it is not impossible.

The list is endless, but in the meantime, try these useful tips. In the end, you will understand why your masculinity or potential as a man, isn’t tied to your penis size.


Is Your Measuring Ruining Your Penis Enlargement Progress?

There is nothing as bad as a man who feels inferior when he compares himself with other men – especially if it has to do with his genitalia. The locker room syndrome is one of the hurtful things that men have had to deal with since time immemorial. Their desire to match up, even when it comes to the sexual satisfaction of their partners has led them to search for ways through which they can turn around the size of their penises.

During the past decades, men were willing to try out weird and dangerous penis enlargement methods as long as it promised desired results. Take for instance the issue of snake bites, severed penis consumption, and penis weight hanging among many others. They were willing to tolerate painful experiences just to have bigger cocks. Clearly, the struggle was real – and still is in modern times. Perhaps the only difference is the availability of safer and more effective PE products – thanks to technological advancements. Today, men may choose from a wide variety of PE methods that are readily available to them, even in terms of prices and diversity.

Regardless, it appears almost impossible to curb the obvious desperation in men to get longer and wider penises as soon as they start off a PE routine. The modern society suffers from one common disease – instant gratification. A person begins PE today, and he wants to see notable changes tomorrow. Men ought to understand that there is nothing magical about penis enlargement. Patience and persistence are critical virtues that one cannot survive without when pursuing male enhancement.

Among the things that a man should do during PE is to track his progress. Keeping a journal helps a man to understand how much progressing he is making. By comparing different measurements, he can tell where he has been reluctant, or where he is going wrong, and consequently, make the necessary amendments. That said; don’t measure your penis every other day. You will not see any changes. As a matter of fact, measuring too soon and too frequently is the number one source of frustrations and disappointments. It increases your chances of giving somewhere along the way especially when you do not realise any changes.

Always give it some time before you measure your penis to track progress. The first measurement should be taken before beginning the PE program. After that, record measurements every two weeks, and if you can restrain yourself, do it on a monthly basis – especially during the first few months. Only then will you be able to get a clear picture of how your PE routine is progressing.

Men who measure too frequently don’t usually see a successful end of their routines. They keep changing their PE techniques due to a simple belief that the one they had chosen earlier is not delivering the desired outcome. In the end, they conclude that none of the PE products has the potential to increase their penises – which isn’t the case. A man who wants to witness a successful PE progress must be willing to take everything nice and slow; or at the recommended pace. Patience always pays handsomely.