Is Your Measuring Ruining Your Penis Enlargement Progress?

There is nothing as bad as a man who feels inferior when he compares himself with other men – especially if it has to do with his genitalia. The locker room syndrome is one of the hurtful things that men have had to deal with since time immemorial. Their desire to match up, even when it comes to the sexual satisfaction of their partners has led them to search for ways through which they can turn around the size of their penises.

During the past decades, men were willing to try out weird and dangerous penis enlargement methods as long as it promised desired results. Take for instance the issue of snake bites, severed penis consumption, and penis weight hanging among many others. They were willing to tolerate painful experiences just to have bigger cocks. Clearly, the struggle was real – and still is in modern times. Perhaps the only difference is the availability of safer and more effective PE products – thanks to technological advancements. Today, men may choose from a wide variety of PE methods that are readily available to them, even in terms of prices and diversity.

Regardless, it appears almost impossible to curb the obvious desperation in men to get longer and wider penises as soon as they start off a PE routine. The modern society suffers from one common disease – instant gratification. A person begins PE today, and he wants to see notable changes tomorrow. Men ought to understand that there is nothing magical about penis enlargement. Patience and persistence are critical virtues that one cannot survive without when pursuing male enhancement.

Among the things that a man should do during PE is to track his progress. Keeping a journal helps a man to understand how much progressing he is making. By comparing different measurements, he can tell where he has been reluctant, or where he is going wrong, and consequently, make the necessary amendments. That said; don’t measure your penis every other day. You will not see any changes. As a matter of fact, measuring too soon and too frequently is the number one source of frustrations and disappointments. It increases your chances of giving somewhere along the way especially when you do not realise any changes.

Always give it some time before you measure your penis to track progress. The first measurement should be taken before beginning the PE program. After that, record measurements every two weeks, and if you can restrain yourself, do it on a monthly basis – especially during the first few months. Only then will you be able to get a clear picture of how your PE routine is progressing.

Men who measure too frequently don’t usually see a successful end of their routines. They keep changing their PE techniques due to a simple belief that the one they had chosen earlier is not delivering the desired outcome. In the end, they conclude that none of the PE products has the potential to increase their penises – which isn’t the case. A man who wants to witness a successful PE progress must be willing to take everything nice and slow; or at the recommended pace. Patience always pays handsomely.