How To Achieve Optimum Results With An Extender Device

Achieving optimum results with an extender device is something that demands a lot of commitment and obedience. An extender device is scientifically and medically proved to work hence the results one is anticipating to achieve would greatly rely on his effort to ensure the correct use of the device.

Penis extenders can help men with small penises increase the sizes of their manhood and help those with curved penises straighten them. Any man using the extender device can achieve results. However, only a few men achieve optimum results. The following are some of the things to do to achieve optimum results with an extender device;

Maintaining hygiene

At all times, hygiene is very critical whether or not you are using an extender device. It includes the efforts to maintain your body cleanliness, primarily your penis, and the efforts to clean the extender device. To maintain your body cleanliness, you should bath regularly while focusing more on your penis. Maintaining body cleanliness helps you get rid of dirt as well as sweat that may have accumulated.

To maintain the cleanliness of your extender device, you should always clean the device immediately after use before storing. This not only helps you get rid of dirt and accumulated sweat but also saves you the time you would have spent cleaning the device the next time you are planning to use it.

Using the device consistently

According to scientific studies, an extender device works by stretching the penis thereby leading to cell division, which encourages the growth and development of new cells to occupy the spaces left on the penile shaft as a result of stretching. Typically, the growth and development of new cells occur gradually and takes a lot of time. Besides, the cells need to be consistently stretched to initiate frequent cell division.

Consequently, these cannot be achieved at once. You need to keep on using the extender device even when the results start showing. Consistent use of the extender device is what will finally lead you to the optimum results you have been dreaming about.

Using the device correctly

Many men fail to achieve the results they are looking for because of wrong use of the extender device. Usually, an extender device isn’t complicated to use and comes with straightforward instructions that any man can just follow while at home.

Correct use of the device includes how you put your extender device on, for how long you leave the device on you and the amount of tension you subject your penis to. You should always ensure your penile shaft fits perfectly inside the noose. The tension applied should be reasonable – not too much to cause pain and not too little. You should put on the device for about 4 to 6 hours daily.

Storing the device properly

Storage of an extender device is as important as using it. When you store your extender device properly, you protect it from damage, dirt and getting into contact with fluids. It is very difficult or impossible to use a damaged extender device.

When a dirty extender device gets into contact with your penis, you are likely to suffer from bacterial or fungal infections. Fluids such as water can result in the formation of rust when in frequent contact with an extender device. All these can deny you optimum results. Hence you should always strive to keep your extender device properly.

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