How Do Small Penis Occur?

One of the worst insecurities that many men have to deal with has to do with the size of their members. Even those with average sizes constantly wonder where they measure when compared to other men. While much information is available on how to enlarge the dick, shallow details are provided on how small penises occur. Here, we dig deep, to establish how a person finds himself with a small cock.

Right from conception

Forgive me for bursting your bubble, but I have to say it anyway. As far as penis size is concerned, your die was cast the moment you were born. It has a lot to do with genetics. A baby boy inherits his genes from his mother and father. If your parents’ lineage comprise of men with big penises, most probably, you have a big penis – and vice versa is true.

Think of your DNA as a blueprint containing the specifications of the size of your penis. During the critical growth stages of your life, your body manages to grow your manhood to the specifications encoded in your DNA. Upon reaching the goal specified in the blueprint, penis growth stops. Your penis measurement at that point is the extent to which the natural process of growth could permit.

However, the issue of genetics is not all there is to it. Other factors come into play as well – like diet and environmental components. You may already have heard or read about penis size friendly foods. The nutritional value of the food given to young boys and even adults partly dictates how much your penis experiences growth. Of course, poor diet leads to small penises. Until a boy is old enough, say 21 years and above, when we are almost sure that the natural penis growth has stopped, he should not be introduced to penis enlargement.

As an adult

Surprisingly, some men who have small penises today might have experienced a completely different scenario when they were young. As an adult, you can suffer from penis shrinkage for various reasons. The stubborn belly fat that accumulates over time is one of the nightmares that cause penis shrinkage. That belly fat has swallowed a significant portion of your penile shaft. As such, you need to find a way to get rid of it, starting now. Devise an appropriate exercise regimen with the potential to get you a flat tummy.

Another factor blamed on penis shrinkage is bad lifestyle habits such as excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoking. The latter reduces the amount of blood flowing to the penis and consequently causing penis shrinkage. The majority of habitual smokers will even complain of impotence or weak erections. Unfortunately, cigarette smoking can make you lose up to two inches of your penis.

Lastly, watch your diet. Eat penis friendly foods such as broccoli, salmon, berries, watermelon, bananas and onions among many others. You are what you eat, and this also defines your penis size. Also, apart from the regular body exercises, you may want to consider engaging in natural penis exercises regularly. They go a long way in ensuring that your schlong is not only healthy but also optimally functional.

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