How Big Does A Penis Need To Be?

Men and women alike, ask these questions a lot. The truth is; there is no wrong answer to how big a penis is supposed to be. People have varying tastes and preferences. What one person may consider being a small penis could be big for someone else who is smaller than that. We perceive things differently, and most of the times, our perceptions keep changing. What you may consider satisfactorily big today may change tomorrow depending on your environment, and other things that are happening in your life.

Also known as thumb-sized, a micropenis is a condition that one is born with. It is considered a medical condition. A micropenis is any adult penis that measures 2.8 inches and below when stretched. This type of penis is associated with problems of urinating and engaging in sexual intercourse. Usually, it occurs when a baby’s penis refuses to grow in length after the first trimester of pregnancy. A research study featured in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism revealed that genetic mutations of the SRD5A2 gene might also be blamed for the occurrence of micropenis.

If your penis is bigger than 2.8 inches, then there is no cause for alarm. A group of researchers from Kings College London and one London NHS Trust measured penises of more than 15000 men in a bid to determine the “normal” size, and at the very least, help to put the concerns of many men to rest. They have seen the trauma, anxiety, and distress that some men suffer because of their penis sizes and as such hoped to give them some consolation.

The analysis of the research findings suggested that the average penis length is 3.6 inches (in the flaccid state), 5.2 inches (in the erect state), while the average penis girth is 3.7 inches (flaccid state) and 4.5 inches (when erect).

Men are still unsatisfied

Irrespective of where different men stand, the majority of them are still unhappy. An internet-based study conducted on 50000 men and women by Professor Kevan Wylie, a sexual medicine consultant, University of Sheffield indicated that about 45 percent of men wish they had a bigger penis.

Professor Wylie also concluded that men with average sized cocks were more concerned about their sizes, compared to the ones with small penises. These revelations are quite disturbing because normally, one would expect men with small packages to show the highest levels of concerns. However, this goes to show that a good number of men are never satisfied with whatever penis size they spot.

If you are comfortable with your current size, and your partner is, then you are all good. On the same note, if you feel that you are not big enough, you may opt to pursue penis enlargement using one of the various methods/products available in the market. The majority of these products are readily available even in terms of prices. One just has to choose what they feel is the most convenient for them, but most importantly, safe and effective.

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