Damages To Your Penis Extender

Since its inception, the penis extender has become a useful tool for men to enhance their members. The durability of this device is usually dependent on among many other factors – its quality, and how the user handles it. The user has no control over the quality of the penis extender. His three responsibilities include choosing a high-quality product, using it as instructed, and making sure that it is well maintained. However, even a good quality product might break down, or suffer damages at some point. This is the issue I hope to address here. Let’s get some insights into how to detect penis extender damages, how to deal with them, as well as how to prevent them from occurring sooner than usual.

Identifying penis extender damages

Make a habit of always inspecting the device to detect any tears or cracks in the material. While looking for these signs might be easy from the outside, it is tricky to spot such problems when they are inside the device – unless the device is disassembled. It, therefore, means that all the parts of the penis extender must be inspected to check for possible tears and cracks.

Another way that people detect a faulty or damaged penis extender is when it causes penile damage. Take for instance the traction, popularly known as the heart of the penis extender. If something is amiss with the settings, the only problem would mean that it is too tight, and the user is, therefore, dealing with torn ligaments and penis skin. Another problem that happens with a penis extender is the wearing out of the material. If you spot inflammation of the skin penis, the chances are that the material is worn out, and as such, is no longer friendly to the delicate skin of the penis. Something wrong could happen to the loop or strap as well. This would mean that the supply of blood to the penis head is cut off. Unfortunately, this can result in the gradual death of the penile tissue.

Penis extender users are advised to inspect their devices on a regular basis. Tears and cracks should be dealt with/repaired promptly. Refer to your manual to learn how to deal with such eventualities. The manual also includes maintenance tips for your device. You can hardly go wrong when you follow the instructions of the manufacturer to the latter. Also, should you begin to experience unmanageable, or out of the ordinary kind of pain or discomfort, stop using the device immediately. It is better to be safe than sorry.

However, we must note that users will experience a little discomfort in the initial phase of using a penis extender. With continued use, your penis will get used to the pressure. Of utmost importance is to know how to distinguish normal pain and discomfort from the dangerous. Do not forget that you are dealing with one of the most delicate organs of your body. Do not overuse the device – use it in moderation. Also, remember to clean it on a regular basis to keep off harmful micro-organisms.

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