Who Can Benefit The Most From A Penis Extender?

A type of penis enlargement device, penis extenders are not only readily available in the market but also pocket-friendly. Over the years, old and new manufacturers of penis extenders have successfully managed to design devices that are far much better than the earlier ones. They offer more comfort, are a lot safer, and most importantly, they are effective at helping different men to realize their male enhancement objectives.

If you are reading this article, it is because you are attracted to this device, but wondering whether it is the right product for you. The objective of this article is to explain the usefulness of penis extenders, and the type of problems it helps to solve. This way, you will be in a position to determine whether you can benefit from it.

A person suffering from Peyronie’s disease

While Peyronie’s disease is not exactly common, the fact that a good number of people suffer from it makes it something that is difficult to ignore. Peyronie’s disease happens when a penis is subjected to some form of trauma such as excessive bending or hitting. In such instances, bleeding and formation of plaque may occur. You then find yourself dealing with a bent penis which becomes extremely painful each time you erect. The good news is; if you are afraid of going under the knife to have the condition corrected, you may rely on a penile extender to correct the condition. Users of this male enhancement device are usually advised to wear it daily for a couple of months to witness desired results.

If you believe your penis is small

Our perceptions on different things may differ considerably, and the same happens when it comes to the issue of penis size. You will find a man whom you would think is adequately packaged, yet he feels inadequate. This is understandable seeing that we all want bigger penises for varying reasons. In that case, if you feel that you are not sufficiently packaged, the right penile extender will come in handy. Of utmost importance is to ensure that you have invested in a high-quality device. Doing so helps to eliminate, or rather minimize chances of penile injuries, or ineffectiveness.

If you have weak erections

Among the most humiliating things that can happen during sex is when a guy has weak erections. These types of erections do not last as long as they are needed. No man ever wants to go through such embarrassing moments even if they have the most understanding partners. The number one reason for weak erections is decreased blood flow to the penis. Penile traction therapy significantly helps in improving circulation to the genital area. The strength of your erection is largely dependent on the amount of blood that goes and remains in the penis. As such, with more blood flow to your manhood, your erection problem will be solved.

Individuals with the above sexual health problems may rely on the renowned power of penile extenders. Again, ensure to select one of the best devices available in the market. The best way to approach this is to purchase from a reputable seller who has been in the industry for a reasonable period.

Penis Extender – Pleasure Device Or Essential Medical Treatment?

The penis extender is among the most popular method of enhancing the male member. It is mostly known for its ability to increase the cock – both temporarily and permanently. It works by boosting the amount of blood flowing to the genital area, and in turn, causing not only stronger and longer lasting erections, but also increasing the penile length. Worn under the pants, penis extenders are best used when someone is relaxing in the privacy of his home. However, individuals who cannot afford the luxury of staying at home are usually encouraged to determine effective ways of wearing the extenders in public while at the same time ensuring as much privacy as possible.

Besides its well-known benefits of promoting a larger manhood, the penis extender is also considered an essential tool for correcting sexual health problems such as Peyronie’s disease. Mayo Clinic argues that the cause of Peyronie’s disease is hugely unknown. However, some medical professionals believe that the condition occurs following a penis trauma such as hitting or bending of the penis. The National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Clearinghouse suggest that, in as much as injury may be the cause of this condition, it might as well happen in the absence of a traumatic event.

Health Line defines Peyronie’s disease as a type of erectile dysfunction capable of making erections painful. As already stated the condition may be caused by traumatic incidences such as hitting or bending. Such instances may cause bleeding as well as a buildup of the scar tissue. Some people attest to feeling the scar tissue through the penis skin. The formation of plaque happens on the upper side of the male member, even though it may also develop on the side or bottom part.

The use of a traction device to treat Peyronie’s disease offers a nonsurgical approach. A penile extender is normally used to straighten the penis through what is commonly referred to as traction therapy. Should you choose to use this treatment option, you must be willing to wear the penile extender every day for a specified number of months. This treatment is based on the fact that the tension arising from stretching the penis may cause a reduction in the penile curvature.

Penis extenders are made up of a plastic ring designed to fit around the penis head. The ring is then attached to two movable metal rods running down the sides of the male member. The function of the roads is to apply tension upward by putting pressure on the plastic support resting against the body. Traction therapy may be used alongside other types of therapies such as oral medications and injectables.

While penis extenders are said to be safe and effective, users are warned against buying faulty or poor quality devices. Besides being ineffective, they are considered extremely dangerous. Conduct a thorough background check on a product and the manufacturer before committing your hard earned money. While the wide variety of penile extenders may be confusing, it also gives you an opportunity to find exactly what you want. The latest devices have additional features that guarantee better and faster results, as well as the highest level of comfort.

Tips And Tricks For Wearing A Penis Extender In Public

Does a penis extender work? The answer to this question is a resounding yes irrespective of the nature of the results you are looking for – say, temporary, or permanent. As such, this is not something that we are going to discuss here. Our main focus today is to establish the most convenient way to wear a penis extender when it comes to privacy. Of course, the last thing a man wants is for other people (members of the public) to know that he is using a penis extender.

We all want to keep the entire process as confidential as possible – it is the only way we can have the most peace – lest a colleague at work makes you an object of ridicule. We must confess that some of the people surrounding us are not the best. The majority of them are always looking for a way to put us down in the eyes of everyone. Some people can just be so mean, and there is nothing much we can do to change them. For this reason, the last thing you want to imagine is such people finding out about your penis enlargement journey.

That said, we must appreciate the fact that, due to their size (they are relatively big compared to where they are worn), penis extenders are better worn when someone is staying home – or after work. In the privacy of your home, nobody can ever find out that you are using a penis extender to enlarge your penis. Besides, you can wear it during your relaxation time and perhaps read your favorite book, or watch your favorite TV program or movies. If you can carry work home, you may take advantage of the penis extender sessions and get that work done. A home environment gives you the most appropriate atmosphere to wear your penis extender for the stipulated number of hours or minutes.

Now, what if you never have this “home” time? You go to the office or work on a daily basis, and still, want to reap maximum benefits from your penis extender. Well, you must establish various tricks and tips for wearing it in public without anyone suspecting. The very first thing that you need to do is to keep away your tight pants, and invest in loose ones – say a size bigger. This way, you can wear a penis extender, go to work with it, get things done in the office, and when the recommended timeline is over, you remove it.

Apart from the slightly loose pants, you may also want to consider making your coats or jackets a little lengthier than what you usually wear. If you do not know how to do without ruining your fashion statement, consider engaging a fashion designer. He or she will come in handy. The objective is to play around with slightly bigger outfits – and still, maintain that incredible look. You do not necessarily have to wear the extender at home, especially if you normally use public transport means to work. How about carrying the penis extender in your bag, and then look for a private area, such as the gents, to wear the extender? A good number of people go through the penis enlargement journey successfully by doing so.

As you can see, if the other PE methods are not your cup of tea, you can still wear your penis extender in public, and no one will ever guess that you are up to something.

Damages To Your Penis Extender

Since its inception, the penis extender has become a useful tool for men to enhance their members. The durability of this device is usually dependent on among many other factors – its quality, and how the user handles it. The user has no control over the quality of the penis extender. His three responsibilities include choosing a high-quality product, using it as instructed, and making sure that it is well maintained. However, even a good quality product might break down, or suffer damages at some point. This is the issue I hope to address here. Let’s get some insights into how to detect penis extender damages, how to deal with them, as well as how to prevent them from occurring sooner than usual.

Identifying penis extender damages

Make a habit of always inspecting the device to detect any tears or cracks in the material. While looking for these signs might be easy from the outside, it is tricky to spot such problems when they are inside the device – unless the device is disassembled. It, therefore, means that all the parts of the penis extender must be inspected to check for possible tears and cracks.

Another way that people detect a faulty or damaged penis extender is when it causes penile damage. Take for instance the traction, popularly known as the heart of the penis extender. If something is amiss with the settings, the only problem would mean that it is too tight, and the user is, therefore, dealing with torn ligaments and penis skin. Another problem that happens with a penis extender is the wearing out of the material. If you spot inflammation of the skin penis, the chances are that the material is worn out, and as such, is no longer friendly to the delicate skin of the penis. Something wrong could happen to the loop or strap as well. This would mean that the supply of blood to the penis head is cut off. Unfortunately, this can result in the gradual death of the penile tissue.

Penis extender users are advised to inspect their devices on a regular basis. Tears and cracks should be dealt with/repaired promptly. Refer to your manual to learn how to deal with such eventualities. The manual also includes maintenance tips for your device. You can hardly go wrong when you follow the instructions of the manufacturer to the latter. Also, should you begin to experience unmanageable, or out of the ordinary kind of pain or discomfort, stop using the device immediately. It is better to be safe than sorry.

However, we must note that users will experience a little discomfort in the initial phase of using a penis extender. With continued use, your penis will get used to the pressure. Of utmost importance is to know how to distinguish normal pain and discomfort from the dangerous. Do not forget that you are dealing with one of the most delicate organs of your body. Do not overuse the device – use it in moderation. Also, remember to clean it on a regular basis to keep off harmful micro-organisms.

3 Important Features Of The Best Penis Extenders

The effectiveness of a penis extender is no longer a debatable issue. A couple of independent medical studies, or rather trials performed over the last few years have reported undeniable facts that penis extenders usually work to deliver larger penises. For instance, according to a medical paper that appeared in the BJU International Urology Journal, the male participants who participated in the clinical trials reported more than 30 percent gains in their penile lengths. This notwithstanding, it is important to understand that the best penis extenders must first and foremost be safe and effective. Other than these two critical elements of the best penis extender, lets us consider three other features that you need to watch out for.

Reputation of the brand

Shoppers of penis extenders tend to give little importance to the kind of reputation that the different brands of these penis enlargement devices enjoy – yet this is a vital trait when choosing the best penis extender. Customer testimonials and reviews usually come in handy as far as determining the reputation of a brand is concerned. When going through the reviews, focus on both the negative and positive elements of the product.

Stay clear of testimonials and reviews that say only good things about a product you are eyeing. Truth be told; none of the products in the market for penis enlargement are without flaws. Your primary goal should, therefore, be to identify a penis extender brand that enjoys more positive reviews than the negative ones. However, remember to exercise utmost caution when analyzing these reviews. You should be in a position to distinguish between fake and genuine reviews.

Money back guarantee

Is the manufacturer/seller willing to give you a money back guarantee? This is yet another thing that you need to find out. If the manufacturer or seller promises a reasonable money back guarantee, then it is a sign that he or she has confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the product. Unscrupulous sellers or designers will usually tend to escape this topic because they know that their products cannot deliver what they promise. As such, before you buy a penis extender give the seller the opportunity to state the terms and agreements of sale clearly. Besides helping you know what you are putting yourself into, this form of arrangement ensures that your back is covered and that you do not lose your hard earned money.

Offers comfort

In as much as a penis extender has the features mentioned above, in addition to being safe and effective, you want to make sure that it gives you an easy time during the entire period of usage. For this to happen, you must look for a penis extender that offers some level of comfort. The new extenders come with additional features that guarantee the users utmost comfort, and consequently making the whole experience not only smooth but also one that is characterized with minimal or no penis injuries. Do not be in a hurry to make a purchase. Instead, take your time and conduct as much product comparisons as possible. You will be glad you did.

How Big Does A Penis Need To Be?

Men and women alike, ask these questions a lot. The truth is; there is no wrong answer to how big a penis is supposed to be. People have varying tastes and preferences. What one person may consider being a small penis could be big for someone else who is smaller than that. We perceive things differently, and most of the times, our perceptions keep changing. What you may consider satisfactorily big today may change tomorrow depending on your environment, and other things that are happening in your life.

Also known as thumb-sized, a micropenis is a condition that one is born with. It is considered a medical condition. A micropenis is any adult penis that measures 2.8 inches and below when stretched. This type of penis is associated with problems of urinating and engaging in sexual intercourse. Usually, it occurs when a baby’s penis refuses to grow in length after the first trimester of pregnancy. A research study featured in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism revealed that genetic mutations of the SRD5A2 gene might also be blamed for the occurrence of micropenis.

If your penis is bigger than 2.8 inches, then there is no cause for alarm. A group of researchers from Kings College London and one London NHS Trust measured penises of more than 15000 men in a bid to determine the “normal” size, and at the very least, help to put the concerns of many men to rest. They have seen the trauma, anxiety, and distress that some men suffer because of their penis sizes and as such hoped to give them some consolation.

The analysis of the research findings suggested that the average penis length is 3.6 inches (in the flaccid state), 5.2 inches (in the erect state), while the average penis girth is 3.7 inches (flaccid state) and 4.5 inches (when erect).

Men are still unsatisfied

Irrespective of where different men stand, the majority of them are still unhappy. An internet-based study conducted on 50000 men and women by Professor Kevan Wylie, a sexual medicine consultant, University of Sheffield indicated that about 45 percent of men wish they had a bigger penis.

Professor Wylie also concluded that men with average sized cocks were more concerned about their sizes, compared to the ones with small penises. These revelations are quite disturbing because normally, one would expect men with small packages to show the highest levels of concerns. However, this goes to show that a good number of men are never satisfied with whatever penis size they spot.

If you are comfortable with your current size, and your partner is, then you are all good. On the same note, if you feel that you are not big enough, you may opt to pursue penis enlargement using one of the various methods/products available in the market. The majority of these products are readily available even in terms of prices. One just has to choose what they feel is the most convenient for them, but most importantly, safe and effective.

Top 5 Methods Mistakenly Used To Estimate Penis Size

Since time immemorial, the society has been obsessed with among many other things, sex. For the majority of people, sex is like food. How it happens and the amount of sexual pleasure experienced is of utmost importance. You must have heard of a female partner who cheated on her husband or boyfriend because he was not the kind of lover he had dreamt of. Unfortunately, the personality and masculinity of a man are judged based on the size of his penis. As such, several myths and misconceptions have been floating around with regards to the determination of the size of someone’s penis. These methods are unorthodox, to say the least, and shouldn’t be relied upon when determining the penis size.

Let us look at some of these methods:

Shoe size number

It has been said that men who wear big size shoes have corresponding bigger penises compared to those who wear small sizes. A research study conducted in 2002 at the university College London revealed the absence of a correlation between shoe size and penis size. The research involved measuring the penis size and shoe size of 100 men. Since there is no scientific support for this myth, you might as well as want to forget about the whole idea of a man’s shoe size acting as a predictor of how endowed a man is.


Just like the shoe size, enough has been said about tall men having a long penis, with their short counterparts said to possess tiny dicks. As it turns out, the public is ill-informed as there is no truth in such speculations. A group of researchers from the University of Alberta conducted a study to determine the relationship between height and penis size and the results were similar to those of studies conducted to establish if one can predict penis size using shoe size or foot length. They measured the shoe size, height, as well as the penis length of 63 men. They concluded that height and shoe size are not useful predictors of penis size.


The findings of research carried out by Ulster University’s professor of psychology, Richard Lynn were published in the Digital Journal. In his conclusions, he places the Democratic Republic of Congo top on the list of men with big average penis sizes measuring 7.1 inches. The average penis size for the entire African continent is 6.3 inches. On the medium side, Icelander’s measure 6.5 inches, and the Germans 5.7 inches.

North Korea and South Korea closed the list with an average penis length of 3.8 inches. In general, the north-east Asians measured the lowest at 4.2 inches. Flynn’s findings have received heavy criticisms arising from the fact that he gathered the penis sizes used in his research over the Internet. Well, supposing we agree to these results, it still does not mean that all men from Africa have big penises. On the same note, it would be wrong to believe that all men from Asia have small penises.

Size of the bulge

Never guess a man’s penis size based on the size of his bulge. For we care, his pants could be having a too high inseam which consequently creates a false bulge. Also, it could be his balls that have caused the swollen bulge, rather than his penis shaft. His bathing suit can also give you a misrepresented impression of his penis size due to potential shrinkages.

Pitch voice

Don’t get it twisted; his deep or high-pitched voice has nothing to do with his penis length. So, the next time you spot a man with the deepest voice; don’t immediately assume that he is well-packaged. Also, never dismiss a guy for having a high-pitched voice just because you have instantly concluded that he has the tiniest penis on earth.

How To Shop Around For The Best Penis Enlargement Tool

It is one thing to wish for a bigger and more muscular penis, and yet another to the purpose and work hard to acquire it. A lengthier and thicker penis will not be handed to you on a silver platter. One must show not only the enthusiasm but also the willingness to do everything required of him. Among the most important parts of the journey is finding the right penis enlargement tool or product. The process can be daunting and confusing because of the wide variety of choices, but it is nevertheless worthwhile.

Failure to acquire the best PE tool disqualifies you for the race as it is impossible to generate impressive results using the wrong product. Here, we evaluate the best practices for identifying and buying the most appropriate penis enlargement product for you.

Consider your current state of health

Trust me; nothing is more important than your health at any given point. Without it, almost everything in your life comes to a standstill. For this reason, you should not seek penis enlargement at the expense of your health. Choose a PE tool with your health in mind. Speak to your general practitioner and bring him up to speed with your PE plans.

With the help of your medical history, and perhaps further critical examinations he might suggest, your doctor will advise you accordingly on the way forward. For instance, it is medically unsafe to consume natural penis supplements without consulting a doctor. Different PE products can interact with medications and cause serious side effects. Irrespective of what PE technique you are considering, doctor’s advice is crucial.


The safety of a product should be given priority over its effectiveness. Stay alert and by all means avoid hyped claims – there is always something wrong with such ads. Unfortunately, besides being ineffective, most of the products you see in online shops are unsafe and consumers end up suffering more than a double loss. Testimonials and reviews are good as they give prospective customers a clear picture of what they should expect from a given product.

Conduct a thorough background check on a product you intend to purchase, and only commit your money when you are guaranteed of its safety. Look out for products that are recommended by reputable medical practitioners – you can hardly go wrong with them. Knowing that no doctor is willing to put his reputation and career on the line makes such recommendations trustworthy.

Desired results

In male enlargement, men look for penis length or penis girth increases, or even both. A wise shopper must determine which products are good for girth and length increase, and which ones can promote both. Also, establish the time needed to use the product to realise noticeable results.

In many cases, the combination approach – where one uses two PE products – is recommended to help optimise the end results. For instance, one may use a PE device and pills or PE exercises and natural supplements in the form of creams, lotions, pills or patches and so on. You just have to establish what type of increase you are looking for, and then determine the best PE product.


The costs of different PE products vary, even between brands. On the same note, users have different potentials when it comes to affording these products. For some, money is not a limitation as long as a product meets the above three criteria. However, low-income earners are careful on spending. Here is the good news, though; the market has something for everyone irrespective of the size of your pocket.

Just remember to indulge due diligence and aim to strike a balance between these four critical aspects of a PE tool. When all is said and done, forget not the importance of purchasing a male enhancement product from a reputable vendor with extensive experience in the industry.

How Penis Enlargement Could Improve Your Health

A healthy person is a happy person. The overall wellbeing of an individual determines how productive he is in the different aspects of life. From being able to fulfil family obligations, to being effective at work or business, and bringing positive impact in the society, one must be healthy to perform these roles to the best of his potential. I am referring to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health of an individual.

Unfortunately, so many factors usually affect our health stability at any given time – either negatively or positively. Although some of these factors are usually beyond our reach, others are within our control, and with just the effort needed we can overcome. Take for instance the issue of penis size. A man who doubts his masculinity because of possessing a small penis can suffer health conditions associated with stress such as depression. If he does not seek professional, such a man withdraws himself from the society, his family, his social circles, and eventually, his life may come crumbling down on him. A good number of men have suffered from depression because of the feeling of inadequacy.

Thankfully, men no longer need to worry themselves sick because of a small dick. Advancement in technology has given birth to a wide range of safe and effective PE products. Whether you are looking to increase your penile length, girth or both, a product awaits you. They range from the radical penis enlargement surgery to penis devices such as extenders and pumps, and supplements that come in the form of penis pills, lotions, creams, and patches. Natural penis exercises are also another option that men can pursue to enlarge their male members. Of paramount importance is to choose the most appropriate method.

What are the health benefits that come with penis enlargement?

For starters, just like any other lifestyle adjustment change, a successful penis enlargement requires that the participant abandons a couple of bad habits. For instance, to avoid further penis shrinkage, men are usually advised to quit cigarette smoking, and cut down, or stop taking alcoholic products. To enhance blood flow throughout the body, and into the genitalia, regular exercises are recommended.

Physical exercises improve the health and functioning of the heart, and other body organs. Weight loss is yet another thing that is encouraged during penis enlargement – especially for men who have a belly fat that tends to make the penis appear shorter than it is. As such, penis enlargement pushes an individual to maintain a healthy weight. Participants of male enhancement are usually encouraged to eat PE-friendly foods. By the time you have gained those inches, you will have become a healthier person.

Penis enlargement also guarantees a person mental and emotional health; especially when you have gained desired results, or you have come close to achieving them. The depression that follows you wherever you go will be a thing of the past. This translates to a happier you with the potential to conquer the world. You will become a more confident man and a better lover which further adds to your self-confidence.

Keeping A Journal Of Your Penile Enlargement Progress Is Important

The penis enlargement journey is no mean feat. It demands patience, discipline, and persistence, among many other virtues to get to the end successfully. No change is easy, especially if it takes quite a long time to accomplish. Perhaps you have tried PE before, but it did not work out because you gave up somewhere along the way. It is so typical of human to make resolutions and then break them as soon as an obstacle presents itself. This time around, rather than perceive penis enlargement as a resolution, how about seeing it as evolution? It is the first step towards a fruitful journey.

One of the most important, yet hardly used PE tools is a journal. It helps to simplify the challenging part of committing and following through a lifestyle adjustment such as male enhancement. Here are some of the benefits linked with maintaining a journal when pursuing penis enlargement:

Chart what works – and what doesn’t

Throughout your PE journey, you will gather helpful ideas, encounter successes, and failures altogether. Having all this information written down gives you the opportunity to backtrack and therefore determine things that are working for you and those that are not bringing any results. Make an effort of taking note of the things that happen, and have the potential to impact your male enhancement progress. This way, you know what to keep up with, and what to abandon to realise your penis enlargement goals. Without a journal, it makes difficult, or even impossible to evaluate your PE progress due to the absence of comparable information.

Keep track of your victories

Seeing a record of victories gives the participant a hopeful tomorrow and additional motivation to continue pressing on especially when the journey is proving nearly impossible. Always record even the smallest accomplishments. It does not matter whether you are crawling, walking, running or flying in your PE journey. What matters is the fact that you are progressing forward, regardless of the size of the steps you make. When recorded in a journal, these steps of victory are unforgotten. While chronicling all the mishaps is critical, taking note of your progress is equally important.

Tools to use in journaling

It need not be something complicated for the whole idea of journaling to make sense. It all melts down to personal preferences. For instance, one person may decide to go the conventional way – a notebook and a pen – while someone might find it tiring and cumbersome. On the other hand, some men love their laptops and phones and would rather journal their progress using these digital tools.

Thankfully, the list of reliable and secure diary apps is endless. Most of them have privacy and security features such that the user does not have to worry about an intruder staggering upon his highly confidential information. What is more, most of these diary apps are free, but if you want a top of the line app, you must be willing to part with some cash.

If you have not been keeping a journal, you may begin today – it is never too late. Give yourself the opportunity to celebrate your success in a few months from today.